Batkid Saves San Francisco

While a good number of us were focused on the PlayStation 4 launch last Friday, in San Francisco, there was a little bit of good news to cheer us all up. The folks at the Make-a-Wish Foundation turned downtown San Francisco into Gotham City so five-year-old leukemia survivor Miles Scott could live out his dream of being Batkid.

Batkid’s day was organized and run by thousands of volunteers at the Make-a-Wish foundation and with the cooperation of the city and police of San Francisco.

Miles’ day started with an urgent call for help from San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr and saw Batkid speed from crime scene to crime scene to save Gotham City from a sudden crime wave. He didn’t have to deal with San Francisco traffic, though. He had a police escort guiding his Lamborghini Batmobile, piloted by Batman, through town.

Batkid had to deal with The Riddler first. Before getting his hands on Edward Nigma, Batkid had to rescue a damsel in distress who was tied up on the trolley track with a bomb strapped to her back. After saving the girl in time, Batkid stopped The Riddler from robbing a local bank and arrested him.

Miles’ job wasn’t done as he quickly had to make his way to AT&T Park to rescue San Francisco Giants’ mascot Lou Seal from The Penguin. And as any Batkid would be wont to do, he also took a moment post-rescue to run the bases. Through 2nd base, he was about as fast as major leaguer Pablo Sandoval.

The attention that Batkid drew was amazing as thousands of people filled the street to watch Miles do his thing. He was given a key to the city by San Francisco mayor Ed Lee and received a personal Vine from President Barack Obama. He also received chocolate, an FBI jacket and a San Francisco Police Department hat. The San Francisco Chronicle even printed special Gotham City Chronicle issues celebrating Batkid saving the city.

It’s amazing that a whole city came together to make just one kid’s dream come true. It’s hard to be a cynic when stuff like this happens. Sort of puts things into perspective.

Sources: National Post, Deadspin

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  1. Reblogged this on Seattle Stay at Home Dad and commented:
    The San Francisco branch of Make A Wish did this for a boy who loves Batman. It was his wish and people from far and wide came together on this day because of and for this one boy. Faith in humanity increased, not necessarily restored. We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s things like this that make me think we might just be able to make ourselves a more loving global community.


  2. So. Much. Like.
    Thank you, Batkid. Wherever you are.


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