Subset Games Announces FTL: Advanced Edition

ftl-bannerOne of my top twelve games of 2012 is coming back with a vengeance in 2014 thanks to a free expansion pack. Coming in early 2014 (along with a new iPad release of the game), Subset Games is release the FTL: Advanced Edition expansion pack.

The new Advanced Edition expansion includes a whole host of new weapons, ship systems, story events, music and more to the game.

Here’s the complete rundown from the devs.

  • Mind Control System: Temporarily turn enemies into allies. Force a boarder to repair the damage they just did, or have the enemy pilot sabotage their own helm.
  • Hacking System: Lockdown and disrupt enemy systems. Unique effects for each system, ranging from forcing a teleporter remove boarders to making the medbay damage instead of heal.
  • New Sector and Events: Our writer Tom Jubert ( has returned along with special guest writer Chris Avellone (of Planescape fame), who managed to find some time for us between his work on Project Eternity and Wasteland 2. They’ve been helping us add a new sector and scatter new events throughout the rest of the game.
  • New Weapons and Effects: Many new weapons that take advantage of new mechanics: overcharging to increase the number of volleys, stun effects to freeze crew, and area effect targeting, to name a few.
  • And more systemsdronesaugmentsenemy shipsenemy layouts, and hostile environments. All of which we’ll be sure to talk about more in the coming weeks!

What amazes me is that we can’t get free stuff from any big developers or publishers, even stuff as simple as new skins, and here’s a two-man indie team that’s tacking on all sorts of new stuff to the game and giving to us for free. It’s not exactly unheard of though. Re-Logic added all sorts of new stuff to Terraria with the v1.2 update which was given away for free.

Here’s the official trailer for FTL:AE.



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