Building (Critical) Consensus: The Wonderful 101

the-wonderful-101-box-artAlright, here’s the review roundup you guys were looking for this week. I know you weren’t that interested in Greater Toronto Area V or whatever that other game is called. This week saw the North American release of The Wonderful 101, another Wii U exclusive that Nintendo hopes will convince people that there actually are games available for the Wii U. I won’t call it a system seller because those Mario Kart and Smash Bros. games in the pipeline will move consoles while a new IP isn’t likely to do that unless it’s a GOTY candidate.

Well, I guess that is unless you’re at Gaming Age who have deemed this a killer app for the Wii U. They’re one of three outlets to give the game a perfect score. Not all praise is that high. The scores bottom out at 55% and go all the way up to 100%. Reviewers agree that they like the charm and fun of the game but there are bugs and control issues that hold the game back.

Gaming Age (100%): If you enjoy video games, past or present, and would like to continue to see experiences that remind you of why you love games to begin with, then give serious thought to supporting The Wonderful 101 over the coming weeks and months. This is the very definition of a killer-app in regards to the Wii U library, and deserves every ounce of support the gaming community can muster up.

NowGamer (90%): It might look childish, but in so many ways this is a Platinum Games experience through and through. Deep and rewarding combat, entertaining characters and plenty of hours of gameplay – even without all the collectables and tougher difficulties. A must-have for every gamer, whether you own a Wii U or not.

God is a Geek (80%): It’s not always user-friendly, but it is incredibly unique and often very funny, which makes its difficulty all the more incongruous. The biggest problem is that it just doesn’t feel tight enough, and the input system is far too haphazard for precision. And yet, it’s hugely likeable and playable throughout.

EGM (70%): A horrendous learning curve, poor story flow, and shoddy controls take away from what could have been a superstar new IP for Nintendo. Instead, only players who can look past the bugs and pacing problems will be satisfied in the end.

Edge (60%): The Wonderful 101 draws on ideas from Kamiya’s previous games – Viewtiful Joe’s cartoonish charm, Okami’s brushstroke mechanic, Bayonetta’s setpieces – but in concert they’re messy, hamstrung by cluttered visual design and a clumsy central mechanic. Stretched over a large frame, they wear thin quickly. There’s a good game in here, but it’s smothered by the need to conform to its host platform’s feature set, and a distorted concept of value for money.


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