Building (Critical) Consensus: Diablo III (PS3/Xbox 360)

diablo-iii-box-artI nearly forgot that Diablo III was released this week. Okay, it’s already been out for PC for almost a year-and-a-half but it’s now out for the current generation of consoles with a PS4 version planned for release next year.

What’s interesting about the console port is that many critics prefer it to the PC original. Noted improvements were the addition of offline play and the removal of the auction house (which was blamed for the necessity of always-online DRM in the PC version Diablo III). Critics also liked the addition of local co-op and the new control scheme which I would have thought would be the thing Blizzard would be most likely to struggle with given their PC development background. It’s good to hear this is a well done port and not a blatant cash grab.

Game Informer (93%): The console version of Diablo III is different from the PC version, and some diehard fans will denounce it for that reason alone. For me, however, it’s different in all the right ways. With an engaging new control scheme, fewer online hurdles, and all the depth of the original, taking on Diablo’s legion of demon lords has never been more enjoyable.

Eurogamer (90%): Diablo 3 on console is one of the best co-op games money can buy. It swings smoothly from easygoing to intense, with perfectly paced pockets of downtime, and is capable of swallowing entire evenings in a single, voracious gulp. It’s a Lego game for loot-hungry grown-ups and it gets better with every player you add. If you have co-op partners who would also enjoy it, this version is an essential purchase. If you don’t, it’s still easier to recommend than the PC game; almost as slick, even more flexible and usable and without that troublesome always online requirement.

PlayStation LifeStyle (85%): The addition of four-player local coop is a nice one, however, things are often times up against you, as loot drops are shared between all four players and of course bringing up the inventory screen pauses the game for all four. The game does employ a quick equip option to try and save face with your friends over, but this option fails to display magical attributes, so you are left to go into the inventory screen anyway.

NowGamer (80%): If you’re looking for something to fill the loot-shaped hole in your life now that you’ve done both Borderlands, then Diablo 3’s your next natural step. If you want an RPG type game that’s not a dull, wordy Western one or an embarrassing anime hairdo JRPG car wreck then again, Diablo 3’s a pretty obvious port of call.

Edge Magazine (70%): You don’t click on enemies to prompt a torrent of guts to burst forth, but swing in their general direction and hope… This reveals awkward truths about the game’s provenance. No matter how well the menus are adapted and how neatly the skills are fitted to the gamepad’s buttons, each character’s skills weren’t designed with this control method in mind.

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