Building (Critical) Consensus: Injustice: Gods Among Us

injustice-gods-among-us-box-artI don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a DC Comics guy. I feel as though that would make a good t-shirt. Specifically, I’m a Superman guy. I know I mentioned this one last week. Now, we finally get our chance to pit Superman against Batman. Oh, and most of the other DC Comics regulars also appear in NetherRealm’s new fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

We’ve gotten a DC Comics fighting game from a Mortal Kombat developer before. That was the entirely forgettable Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe by Midway. With NetherRealm now at the helm of Mortal Kombat and having just released the best story in fighting game history in Mortal Kombat (9), could they do something special with Injustice?

Note: We’ve converted the Building Consensus reviews to a score out of 100 so the scores are more easily comparable. We’ll be doing this going forward until we inform you otherwise. We are taking feedback on this change. Consult each site for their individual scoring practices.

EGM (95%):  Injustice: Gods Among Us isn’t just another fighting game. It’s the ultimate in fan service and an unmistakable labor of love. This is the kind of game DC fans have been dreaming of seeing their heroes in for a long time. On top of the stellar gameplay and cornucopia of modes, there’s a treasure trove full of unlockables, amazing graphics, and superb audio, with a voice cast pulled from the annals of DC Animation’s greats.

Machinima (85%): The visuals are universally great with detailed character models featuring natty costumes and appropriate attention to detail. The storyline really should appeal to DC Comics experts and novices alike for its tale of superhero battles. IGAU shows promise that it has what it takes to be deemed as a true competitive fighter no matter how many fighting games were released last year.

IGN (82%):  An exciting, unique-feeling fighter at the beginner level, and a deeper, more interesting one at the advanced level. Story mode is a pleasant surprise, but the real reason to play is the thrill of harnessing the god-like powers of some of the most overwhelming figures in the comic realm.

Games Radar (80%): Injustice is a licensed fighting game done right, sure to please fans of the brand and the genre. Its accessibility lets casual gamers or avid comic readers enjoy themselves, while retaining all the depth that fighter enthusiasts crave.

Cheat Code Central (70%): The uneven Injustice: Gods Among Us, NetherRealm Studios’ new DC Universe based fighting game, delivers cool but inconsistent gameplay. The things it does right, it does phenomenally; Injustice introduces a variety of innovations that could revolutionize the fighting game genre. The things it does wrong, however, it does so poorly that you can’t help but ask “why”?


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