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Assassin’s Creed with Cats

Apart from pirate adventures, it’s not too controversial to suggest that the annual iterations of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise are getting a bit stale. Sure, Unity looks to be the first AC game to try to push the next-gen hardware with big crowds, fancy graphics and co-op gameplay but is that really what we want from our Assassin’s Creed games?

I think we really want Assassin’s Kittens Unity. Wouldn’t Assassin’s Creed be better if you played as assassin cat? That shouldn’t even be a question. That’s a fact. Did you play AC3?


YouTuber Recreates Guardians of the Galaxy Opening in Destiny

It took me until Labour Day weekend but I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy. There really isn’t a whole lot else to do when you’re a tourist in Sudbury once you get Science North out of the way. I don’t really do movie reviews but I think I can sum it up as being absolutely awesome.

One thing that I really loved was the soundtrack of oldies hits. I wasn’t expecting it when Redbone’s Come And Get Your Love came on at the start of the movie but it made for a great opener. And one thing that everyone seems to like about Bungie’s Destiny is the ability to bust a move on a whim. Naturally, that leads to the epic mashup of epic mashups as Guardians of the Galaxy meets Destiny in this video by Somewhat Awesome Games.

Star Wars Sure is Different without John Williams

There are a lot of things that you can say about George Lucas. He’s a great visual story-teller. He’s fantastic at pushing the bounds of visuals in movies. That doesn’t mean that he’s perfect. He can’t write dialogue to save his life. He’s not an exceptionally good director. And his overall writing is spotty at best. With someone to help interpret the vision (helping him write or direct) or some other limitation to force him to push the bounds of his creativity, his work absolutely shines. Just look at the Indiana Jones trilogy and the original Star Wars trilogy. Given carte blanche, it turns into the prequel trilogy.

His number one ally in making movies has always been John Williams. The greatest thing that Steven Spielberg ever contributed to film was making John Williams a superstar. But what happens when you take John Williams’ amazing soundtrack away from Lucas? It’s not pretty.

EA Sports UFC Still Has Some Amazing Glitches

I can’t imagine that it’s easy to make a video game and especially one that has to recreate such a varied and technical sport as mixed martial arts. But when you’re the biggest sports game developer in the world that is simultaneously the most hated dev/publisher and you’ve acquired the license to the biggest MMA organization in the world, expectations are high. So when your UFC game is full of hilarious glitches, it’s going to be fodder for hilarious videos.

So as a follow-up to the original video, here are more awesome EA Sports UFC glitches as called by “Mike Goldberg” and “Joe Rogan.”

TotalBiscuit Examines Gaming Media Role in Hyping Games

I’ve taken to calling the games media a public relations and marketing adjunct of the major game publishers. In exchange for access from the publishers, those publishers get preferential coverage. Sometimes, it’s an implicit agreement. A PR agent for one publisher told me that they would be more inclined to play ball with me if I gave them regular preview coverage. That led to the intentionally disingenuously named “hype train” and trailer roundup blog posts.

However, many writers and publications don’t really tip off which preview coverage has legitimate journalistic or informational merits and which is just disingenuous hype piece. While I don’t have to do that, some really big publications act as hype machines for publishers and developers and show no remorse in doing free publicity work.

The ever insightful TotalBiscuit examines how publications are pulling the wool over your eyes and why you shouldn’t believe the hype.

Mass Effect: The Honest Trailer

What happens when Canada’s greatest RPG developers sell out to America’s video game devil? You get the makings of an honest trailer for Mass Effect. If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, you can probably guess all the jokes that are made before you hear them but it doesn’t make this honest trailer any less awesome.

Last Friday Night on Star Trek

Apparently this video is three years old but it’s new to me so it goes up on the blog. I can’t say that I’m a fan of Katy Perry’s music but I am a fan of classic Star Trek so I find it absolutely hilarious that ST:TOS makes for an absolutely perfect music video for Last Friday Night. Maybe I like it because it’s a three-minute tribute to all of Bill Shatner’s hammy acting.

How Much of Your Brain Do You Use?

If you’ve been watching TV lately, it’s very likely that the incessant ads for an upcoming movie is rotting your brain. The promos for Lucy, the upcoming action movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, show that the movie is based on the premise of what would happen if humans used more than 10% of their brains.

Of course, that pseudo-scientific notion has been dismissed by the scientific community and anyone with half a brain (pun intended) for years. Unfortunately, many people still believe this. In fact, you use all of your brain in order to function.

EA Sports UFC Has Some Hilarious Glitches

EA Sports new UFC game isn’t getting the same love a critical acclaim that some of their other franchises get. I seem to recall the Fight Night series getting some amazing reviews, especially Round 4 which was absolutely epic. UFC is getting mostly mid-level reviews with a Metacritic score in the low 70s.

While it might not be EA Sports’s best offering to date, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with it. This video of glitches as called by “Mike Goldberg” and “Joe Rogan” is pretty damn funny.

Final Fantasy VII: The Honest Trailer

It wasn’t until very recently that I found out that there was a version of YouTube sensation Honest Trailers about video games. It features the same amazing voiceovers by Jon Bailey but these videos are under the Smosh rather than Screen Junkies banner.

So for the first honest video game trailer we run on etg, it’s Final Fantasy VII. The good news is that you’ll probably be able to buy it for cheap during the Steam Sale that starts today.

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