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E3 2016 Preview: Bethesda Focuses On Seconds for Its Second E3

bethesda-e3-2016After a big Fallout 4 focused presentation for their inaugural E3 presentation, Bethesda will be back with even more for 2016’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. While they won’t be first out of the game with their keynote, an “honour” going to EA this year, they will certainly be swinging a big stick this year. For E3 appearance #2, Bethesda will focus on the number 2. They will have a lot of sequels that will or could have the number two in the title. By my count, they might have four games that are the second one in their respective franchises at this year’s E3 presentation.

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Critics Corner: Wolfenstein: The New Order

wolfenstein-the-new-order-headerThere is little that gamers like more than old franchises. Reboots, remakes, sequels. These are the life blood of modern gaming. While people like new IPs, it seems like people go crazy over old IPs. And I wonder why I lament the death of creativity when the big money makers are sequels. I don’t count GTA in that because each GTA has little to do with the ones preceding it apart from mechanics.

I’ve actually played a little bit of Wolfenstein back at Fan Expo last August. I came away with a few impressions from that demo. First and foremost, I just can’t FPS to save my life and I really can’t without my mouse and keyboard in hand. The visuals weren’t spectacular on the early Xbox 360 build. The gameplay felt decidedly old school with limited regenerating health (from 1% to 25% health), picking up stuff off the ground rather than collecting it by walking over it and crouch jumping. I’d imagine that it changed a bit in the 10 months between when I played it and when you will.

But enough of what I think of Wolfenstein. Let’s see what the professionals think.

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Wolfenstein Gets a Collectors Edition without a Copy of the Game

wolfenstein-the-new-order-wallpaper-01Just when you thought that the monetization of video games was reaching ridiculous levels, Bethesda has pushed the boundaries of good taste again. The same company that is locking a whole race behind a paywall in the $60 plus $15 per month with a cash store MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online, is now releasing a special edition of Wolfenstein: The New Order that doesn’t even come with the game.

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Wolfenstein Gets “Reimagined” Because We’re Short on New IP

wolfenstein-the-new-order-wallpaper-01Sorry, that title isn’t too cynical, is it? I’m just getting a little tired of sequels and reboots. If you ask me why I’m intrigued by Remember Me, even though it’s being published by Capcom, it’s because it’s a brand new IP and we just aren’t getting very many solid new games. We’re getting a lot of sequels and reboots but brand new IPs are in short supply.

And that brings me to the recently announced “Wolfenstein: The New Order.” Bethesda announced it by touting it as a “reimagining” of the iconic FPS franchise that has been with us for over 30 years since the original Castle Wolfenstein.

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