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Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft

jade-raymondOne of the most powerful and prominent women in gaming is leaving her leadership post at one of the biggest publishers in gaming. Jade Raymond announced that she is leaving her post as Managing Director of Ubisoft’s Toronto studio in order to pursue other future opportunities in the industry.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

tom-clancys-splinter-cell-blacklist-box-artI’ve never really been a fan of stealth games. Apart from Mark of the Ninja, I’ve never played a stealth game or a stealth level in a game that left me so angry at the game and its mechanics that I usually found myself rage quitting rather than gritting it out for a 20th time.

The Splinter Cell franchise has one that has traditionally been based on stealth gameplay so you can probably understand why I haven’t picked up any games in the franchise. The reviews are very positive for Blacklist but not the aggregated scores aren’t the best in the franchise’s history. Unless you’re Joystiq who calls it the best game in Splinter Cell history.

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