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Critics Corner: Transistor

transistor-headerI’m not saying that there haven’t been any noteworthy games released over the last few months but prior to this week, we hadn’t done a Critics Corner metareview of a game in two months. Transistor leads off an unusually packed late-May release lineup. You’ve got Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8 leading the big budget productions while Transistor represents the indie contingent.

Supergiant Games had only one game under its belt prior to this week but having Bastion as its only title made it as close to video gaming royalty as one game will get you. Now, they’re back with Transistor. While the game tries not to be Bastion, it’s hard for reviewer (and gamers, I’d imagine) not to draw the inevitable comparison between Supergiant’s two games.

The game’s story and gameplay are a bit divisive with some critics absolutely loving how the story was done and the new style of gameplay while others just weren’t interested in what Transistor was offering. Everyone agreed that the art style and audio were absolutely fantastic.

But enough of my intro and summary. What did the critics think of Transistor?

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Bastion Developer Supergiant Games is Working on a New Sci-Fi RPG

transistor-screenshot-01One of the greatest indie games of all-time is Bastion. That’s not an opinion. Consensus among both gamers and critics was that Bastion was absolutely amazing. It won numerous awards for the narrative, music, art design and overall RPG and indie game awards.

Naturally, when Supergiant Games announces that it’s making another game, everyone is going to take notice. This week, Supergiant unveiled their next game, Transistor.

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