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CES 2013: Monday Roundup

I reckon that we can’t start up a geek blog without doing a little bit of CES coverage. Obviously, we’re still a little small to be in Las Vegas for the show but that doesn’t mean we can’t sum up some of the bigger and more interesting news from the 2013 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show.

samsung-oled-tv-ces-2013Samsung OLED TV – Coming soon to store shelves
We’ve been hearing about OLED (organic light-emitting diode) over the years but haven’t seen them outside of trade shows like CES yet. However, Samsung is planning to change that this year. They’re planning to release their F9500 series of OLED TVs this year. This will be an HDTV with 3D capabilities. It will also have a quad-core CPU to power Samsung’s smart hub and gesture controls (finally a practical use for Kinect-like technology).

The most interesting thing from the announcement was the inclusion of multi-view with the TV. This uses Samsung’s 3D glasses with built-in headphones which allow two people to watch two different programs on the same TV. The 55″ Samsung OLED TV will be the biggest application of this sort of technology. Land Rovers have used this sort of technology on dashboard touchscreens since the 2010 model year which allowed both the driver and passenger to see two different things on the same screen. Read the rest of this entry

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