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Lucasfilm to End The Clone Wars without a Resolution

star-wars-the-clone-wars-ahsoka-anakinWhen Lucasfilm and Disney announced that they would be wrapping up The Clone Wars animated series at the end of this season, they also announced that they would be providing bonus content after the end of the series. Sources inside Lucasfilm Animation have told that this bonus content would be story arcs from the planned sixth season of the show but wouldn’t be providing the resolution and closure that many fans would have liked.

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“The Clone Wars” is the First Casualty of Disney’s Control of Star Wars

star-wars-the-clone-warsOn Monday, Lucasfilm announced what they called a “new direction” for their animation division. Unfortunately for fans of Lucasfilm Animation, the direction that Disney has set appears to effectively close down Lucasfilm Animation.

In an announcement posted on, Lucasfilm announced that they would be “winding up” The Clone Wars animated series and indefinitely postponing the Detours series that was in production with the team behind Robot Chicken.

As expected, the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney marked the end of The Clone Wars run on The Cartoon Network. However, it was expected that a Disney network would pick up the series from starting from this fall. Lucasfilm seems to have decided that the critically acclaimed series will finish its run on TV this season.

The announcement did leave open the possibility of “bonus content,” possibly in the form of webisodes, to wrap up The Clone Wars’ story. Sounds to me that this season’s finale wasn’t planned as a series finale and a few loose ends will still have to be tied up.

As for Star Wars: Detours, Lucasfilm felt that the series wouldn’t fit with the direction that the new trilogy is taking. In other words, don’t expect the humour of the old trilogies to be in episodes seven through nine. I’d guess that this is our first official indication that the new trilogy is going in a darker or more serious direction.

What’s next for Lucasfilm Animation? The company says “We are exploring a whole new Star Wars series set in a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming.” No one quite knows what that means but safe money says that it’s going to be a prequel of sorts to the upcoming film trilogy.

Source: Star Wars – A New Direction for Lucasfilm Animation

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Reaches 100 Episodes

The Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series launched in 2008 with the animated movie that was generally panned by critics. That wasn’t a harbinger for things to come for the TV series itself. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is in its 5th season on the Cartoon Network in America and is expected to keep going strong. There’s a slight irony to the length of the series as Star Wars canon holds that the Clone War lasted only three years.

Anyway, to mark the milestone, Lucasfilm Animation put together a look back at the first 100 episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. (Spoiler alert, naturally.)

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