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Critics Corner: inFamous: Second Son

infamous-second-son-bannerJust a couple of weeks after Microsoft got its first potential Xbox One system seller onto store shelves, Sony has one of their flagship first-party exclusive franchises out on the PlayStation 4. The inFamous franchise may not have the mass appeal of a first-person shooter like Titanfall but the two inFamous games are considered to be among the best superhero games ever made.

And it looks like if you loved the first two inFamous games, you’ll love inFamous: Second Son. Some critics don’t like the story as much as the previous two and they don’t think the gameplay is “next-gen” enough (which is something I want to discuss in an upcoming column). Many more love the game for what it is.

But enough of my summary. Here’s what the critics think of inFamous: Second Son.

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Infamous: Second Son’s Lead Designer Leaves Ahead of Launch

infamous-second-son-bannerWhile it’s not unusual for employees to leave game developers around the launch of a game after their services are no longer required, the latest development over at inFamous: Second Son developer, Sucker Punch Productions, was certainly unexpected.

Very quietly, the lead designer on inFamous: Second Son, Jaime Griesemer, has left Sucker Punch Productions only days before the release of the game.

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