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Studio Gigante was Working on a Star Wars Fighting Game

Remember Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi? Sorry, did I just accidentally trigger the repressed memory of that abomination of a fighting game that we all wish had never been made because it was equal parts terrible and nonsensical in the whole Star Wars universe?

Well, Studio Gigante put some preliminary work into a second Star Wars fighting game that they were pitching to LucasArts. The game was never made before Studio Gigante folded in 2005. The video below is a tech demo showing a preliminary Xbox build of the game to show off what the plan was and the moves that could be executed. It’s not the fastest or smoothest looking fighting game ever but you’d have to imagine that a dev made up of Mortal Kombat vets would be able to make a damn good fighting game given the time to actually make it.

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