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Remember Me Review: The Memory Remains

remember-me-headerA while back, I wrote a column lamenting the loss of new intellectual properties coming from the big publishers. One of the few new multi-platform IPs that is coming out this year is Capcom’s Remember Me. It had an interesting premise and the rare not hypersexualized female protagonist leading the game. For the first few hours, Remember Me was certainly worth my past consideration as a new IP to wake up the industry.

However, the experience doesn’t hold up over time. While there are parts of the game that are very memorable, it’s certainly not the unforgettable rookie developer Dontnod were hoping for.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: Remember Me

remember-me-box-artA few weeks back, I wrote a column that lumped Fuse and Remember Me together as new IPs that could help gamers through a dark and dreary period of time of sequels and reboots. Well, I’d like to admit that while my heart was in the right place, I may have been jumping on the wrong multi-platform games to champion as new IPs to save us from the tyranny of franchise monotony.

There’s a fairly wide gap in scores but the overall consensus that the idea is pretty nice but the combat and actual gameplay leaves quite a bit to be desired. Well, at least I didn’t read a review saying that Capcom locked out half the game for DLC.

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