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CES 2013: Thursday Roundup

While CES officially runs through the end of the week, the big unveils and tech demos of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show have come and gone. With nothing in the way of big breaking news yesterday, I thought that today’s CES Roundup would be a good time to look back at some of the more interesting news that we haven’t covered so far.

nvidia-tegra-4-ces-2013NVIDIA Tegra 4 – It’s the world’s fastest mobile processor. Can I ask what we’ll use it for?
When I mentioned the new NVIDIA Project Shield portable/handheld console on Monday, I kinda overlooked NVIDIA’s big announcement. They officially unveiled their new Tegra 4 processor which they’re promoting as the world’s fastest mobile processor.

It’s a quad-core processor with four Cortex A15 CPU cores, 72 GeForce GPU cores and 4G LTE network compatibility. It also comes with a new internal graphics processing engine which NVIDIA says gives the Tegra 4 ten times faster image processing and rendering. Just for added fun, the Tegra 4 will have 4K Ultra HD video support. So your phone will soon be able to handle higher resolution video than even your TV can handle. I’m not sure whether that’s funny or not. Read the rest of this entry

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