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EA Says They’re All-In on Free-to-Play and Out of Offline Experiences

ea-logo-headerBefore a panel at Fan Expo about the state of the gaming industry (my column on my experience is coming soon), someone said that free-to-play was the future of gaming industry for the foreseeable future. I thought about it and disagree. I think Titanfall eschewing the traditional single-player campaign for multiplayer matches bracketed by some story components is going to be more common going forward.

It turns out that EA COO Peter Moore said that we’re both right. In fact, going forward, Moore says that we’ll see more free-to-play elements in the major franchises while offline experiences will be no more.

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EA Repeats as Worst Company In America and are Trying for Three-in-a-Row

ea-worst-company-in-america-2013In an unprecedented feat of terribleness, Electronic Arts has become the first-ever repeat winner of The Consumerist’s Worst Company in America poll. This year, they once again beat Bank of America to claim the Golden Poo.

While the Worst Company in America is a misnomer for The Consumerist’s poll as these things tend to degenerate into something closer to the most hated company, EA should still be taking heed of the massive victories they’ve been able to score in the poll. The problem is that they’re convinced that the results of the poll are largely unfounded. Sounds like EA wants to three-peat.

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