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Mario Kart Meets Star Wars in Star Kart

The folks over at Dead Pixel Digital have created what looks to be the next great gaming viral video. Mario Kart is one of the best racing games out there (Crash Team Racing notwithstanding). Even Star Wars had a couple of racing games with the fantastic Star Wars: Racer and the kart racer Super Bombad Racing. But what happens when the two are combined into Star Wars-themed Mario Kart?

Rainbow Road in a Formula One Car

Various modding communities have added some really cool things to video games. The Assetto Corsa community have created, among many other mods, a 2015 F1 mod and WTF1 dropped that into the third-party recreation of Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road track. While Sir Jackie Stewart, OBE and three-time Formula One World Drivers’ Champion, referred to the Nurburgring as the green hell, who knows what he would have thought of the rainbow hell that is Rainbow Road.


Real-Life Mario Kart

The geniuses at Waterloo Labs have outdone themselves this time. Using modified go-karts, RFID chips and on-board and trackside computers, they’ve done an amazing and faithful recreation of Mario Kart in real life. This isn’t the same thing that French comedian Remi Gaillard did with Mario Kart. This is bananas spinning you into walls and knocking people out of the way with stars Mario Kart.

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