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Games Industry All-Stars Team Up for Project Phoenix

project-phoenix-headerThe latest game to take Kickstarter by storm is an indie JRPG called Project Phoenix. The game got so much attention that it was able to achieve its $100,000 fundraising goal within nine hours of being launched on the crowd funding website.

While that would normally be an unexpectedly fast time to reach a Kickstarter goal, it’s not so odd when you consider that the crew working on Project Phoenix are among the biggest names in the industry.

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It’s the Final Push for Space Sim MOBA “GoD Factory: Wingmen” on Kickstarter

god-factory-wingmen-headerToday is Canada Day so that means we’re taking a break for the holiday today. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t give out a bit of love to some fellow Canadians.

Back in May, we previewed space combat sim slash MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) GoD Factory: Wingmen by Quebec-based indie developer Nine Dots Studios. We’re finally reaching the end of their Kickstarter funding campaign but they could still use your help to make this cool looking game a reality.

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The Successor to Eternal Darkness “Shadow of the Eternals” Hits Kickstarter

shadow-of-the-eternalsMature-rated games aren’t exactly common on Nintendo consoles but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist. One of the best games you never heard of on the GameCube was the survival horror Eternal Darkness by Silicon Knights.

Silicon Knights may have died some years ago as a result of a lawsuit but from its ashes has risen Precursor Games and they’re bringing back their iconic game with a spiritual successor with the episodic Shadow of the Eternals. To do so, you need to give them a little help on Kickstarter.

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Space Combat Sim “GoD Factory: Wingmen” Needs Your Money on Kickstarter

god-factory-wingmen-screenshot-01I’ve been waiting a long while for a solid space sim. I was hoping that Rogue System would be that game but, unfortunately, their Kickstarter didn’t work out. Now, there’s a Canadian company that’s giving me hope. Quebec’s Nine Dots Studios needs your help to make their epic looking GoD Factory: Wingmen a reality.

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A New Street Fighter Web Series Needs Your Money on Kickstarter

street-fighter-assassins-fistVideo game adaptations to a live-action dramatic performance don’t have the best track records. The best ones tend to be smaller scale adaptations by independent groups rather than big budget Hollywood productions. For example, the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series was a well-received adaptation of the game while the movies were slightly not at all well-received.

Now, Street Fighter might be getting a web series treatment similar to Mortal Kombat: Legacy called Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. All it needs is $960,000 from Kickstarter funders to make it happen.

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The Ecco The Dolphin Team is Back with The Big Blue

the-big-blue-concept-01Ecco the Dolphin is considered one of the best games released for the Sega Genesis (AKA Mega Drive) and of the 16-bit era. The sequels were also well received but never seemed to have the same magic as the original. Well, thanks to Kickstarter, original Ecco designer Ed Annunziata is launching his spiritual sequel to Ecco called The Big Blue.

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There’s Still Time to Pledge to Rogue System

Just a quick reminder/heads-up that epic looking space sim Rogue System is in the final hours of its Kickstarter campaign. We profiled the game briefly a couple of weeks ago and came to the inevitable conclusion that this thing will be absolutely epic. However, it still needs your money to make it happen.

Click here for the Rogue System Kickstarter. You can pledge until about 11:00 PM EDT (about nine hours after posting).

Want a Veronica Mars Movie? Kickstarter Makes It Happen

For many years, fans of the cult hit TV series Veronica Mars have been clamouring for a movie to continue the series. The script for the movie has been ready since around 2008 as series creator Rob Thomas had been working on the movie since the show was cancelled in 2007. However, the movie has been pushed back due to a lack of funding and support from the studios.

Now, thanks to Kickstarter and the power of crowd funding, it looks like the Veronica Mars movie will become a reality. Thomas took to Kickstarter looking for $2 million to get the movie made and came up with it in under ten hours.

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Epic Space Sim “Rogue System” Needs Your Money on Kickstarter

I very seldom mention the projects I find interesting on Kickstarter. However, I’m willing to make an exception to post this one. Rogue System is a new space sim being developed by Digits Crossed Interactive. This isn’t any normal space sim, though. Checking out the videos that DCI and boss Michael Juliano have posted show that this is the sim-iest and most intense space sim that I’ve ever seen… And okay with that. Read the rest of this entry

Wargaming Buys Gas Powered Games

We’ve been closely tracking the saga of Gas Powered Games as it tried to use Kickstarter to keep the company alive. GPG boss Chris Taylor said he had been looking at alternative means to keep the company alive after cancelling their Wildman Kickstarter. Well, it looks like their hopes have been answered as developer Wargaming has purchased GPG.

For Wargaming, the purchase of GPG is part of a recent expansion of studios under their umbrella. Over the last six months, Wargaming has purchased MMO development tool company BigWorld, shooter developer Day 1 Studios (perhaps best known for the FEAR series) and now RPG and RTS developer Gas Powered Games. Read the rest of this entry

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