Space Combat Sim “GoD Factory: Wingmen” Needs Your Money on Kickstarter

god-factory-wingmen-screenshot-01I’ve been waiting a long while for a solid space sim. I was hoping that Rogue System would be that game but, unfortunately, their Kickstarter didn’t work out. Now, there’s a Canadian company that’s giving me hope. Quebec’s Nine Dots Studios needs your help to make their epic looking GoD Factory: Wingmen a reality.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is part space sim and part MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). You can custom build your own ship using parts from twelve different categories. Then you join with three teammates in an epic multiplayer space battle to destroy the enemy’s cruiser. Nine Dots promises gameplay that encourages players to work cooperatively to enhance their weapons and experiment with different strategies to succeed.

The game looks absolutely gorgeous and has a fairly unique visual style for a space sim. Maybe it’s just the space sims I played but they all felt like they were inspired by the classic Star Wars and BSG visual design. GoD Factory: Wingmen has a very colourful and very organic design style rather than the darker and more industrial style that I associate with these types of games. No doubt I’m about to be reminded of several examples of space sims that look like this.

Perhaps more impressively, Nine Dots says that they’re able to run the early builds of this game on five-year-old laptops. I wasn’t planning to play this on my laptop but it’s nice to have that option.

The only caveat with backing this project is that Nine Dots is treating their Kickstarter campaign as an initial step in their funding process. The seven man dev team has been working without a salary for the last year and resources are pretty slim. They say they need $70,000 to get the game to an alpha-funding level and help them with a government grant application. Granted, there’s always a risk that a game on Kickstarter might never reach market but it seems slightly riskier here.

Still, I’ve backed it and hope you will too. But I’m biased. I love space sims and I love to support Canadian companies.

If you’d like a hands-on demonstration of the game, popular YouTube gaming critic TotalBiscuit got his hands on GFW back at PAX East.

Check out GoD Factory: Wingmen on Kickstarter.

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