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Green Man Gaming Adding More Info About Keys

green-man-gaming-logoWhile I get a lot of my games from Steam, if I was to tabulate where I get my games, Green Man Gaming would probably be number two on the list. That doesn’t mean that Green Man Gaming has a good reputation in the gaming world. Ever since CD Projekt said that they hadn’t sold any The Witcher 3 game keys to GMG, the site has come under fire for the alleged sale of grey market keys.

Following a second flare up of this grey market controversy, GMG is getting reactive about the information it’s including on its website. In a statement, Green Man Gaming announced that they will now tell you when you’re getting a game key and where that key’s coming from.

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Green Man Gaming Gets Into Publishing with Idol Hands

green-man-loaded-logoIf you’re willing to go beyond Steam when doing your game shopping, chances are you know about Green Man Gaming. Sure, they may not have as extensive a catalogue as Steam but they are generally just as good and many an occasion better with their discounts as Valve’s big behemoth.

But GMG isn’t content to just be my favourite digital store alternative to Steam. They’re expanding their product offering to become an indie game publisher as well. Their first published game is Idol Hands.

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