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The Best of the Rest of April Fools’ Day

Who says that I can’t drag out April Fools’ recaps beyond just April 2nd? Since I’m extremely busy IRL, I’m giving you some of the best press releases that were dropped on April 1st as well. It wasn’t just Blizzard having all the fun on April Fools’ Day. Many more devs got in on the action.

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Blizzard Wins April Fools’ Day with a Pair of Pranks

starcraft-2-herald-of-the-stars-headerSome companies do April 1st better than others. The one publisher that might just be the best at it is Blizzard. They used April Fools’ Day to have a little fun at their expense while poking fun at free-to-play games. Who says that April Fools’ jokes can’t be used for good.

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Journey and Deus Ex Win April Fools’ Day

Among all the other April Fools’ Day pranks and jokes, games developers like to get in on the fun. The press seemed to like the Sony buys Nintendo joke. I read that a couple of times yesterday. Granted, I thought yesterday’s best April Fools’ joke was The Walking Dead’s season finale. *rimshot*

Anyway, ThatGameCompany and Eidos Montreal both had the best pranks of the day with a couple of “new game” reveals.

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