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et geekera Annual 2013

Hello and welcome to 2014! It’s been exactly one year since we launched our little corner of the internet for geeks called et geekera. I was originally planning to do two or three posts a week over here and instead I’m doing two or three posts a day. It’s funny how things work out when you actually get down to business.

Anyway, to mark one year of this little corner of the interwebs, here’s a look back at the top posts of 2013.
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My Thirteen Favourite Games of 2013

While everyone was looking ahead with (justified) excitement to the launch of Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, they might have missed out on an absolutely fantastic year in gaming. While nothing world-changing has come out on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 so far, their predecessors had a fantastic year with some amazing games released over the last twelve months.

Since the end of the year is upon us, I think it’s only appropriate that I get in on the listing action and give you my list of my favourite games of 2013. They may not be the best games of 2013 but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love playing them.
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