The EA Sports UFC Cover Curse is Real

ea-sports-ufc-2-headerIf you’re a video game or football fan, you’re probably aware of the Madden Curse. This is the ongoing coincidence (or curse) that players on the cover of the annual EA Sports Madden NFL game either have a very poor year or suffer an injury. The curse has claimed far too many victims for me to summarize here.

And if you’ve been on the internet in the last 36 hours, you’ll know that Ronda Rousey just lost her first professional MMA fight to massive underdog Holly Holm. This happened the same week that Rousey was announced as one of the cover stars of EA Sports’ upcoming UFC 2 game. It’s leading people to think that Madden isn’t the only EA Sports game that’s cursed.

While three cover athletes from two games might be too small a sample size to officially declare a curse, it sure seems like that there is a curse on the cover athletes of EA Sports’ UFC game.

In her fight on Saturday (Sunday in Melbourne, Australia where UFC 193 was held), Rousey wasn’t just knocked out by Holly Holm to lost her first fight and the UFC Bantamweight championship. Rousey was thoroughly dominated by Holm. Rousey was widely believed to have lost the first round of the fight which is unanimously considered to be the first round in a fight that’s she had lost.

Rousey isn’t the only one to suffer a major career setback after landing the EA Sports UFC cover. The two cover athletes of the first EA UFC game were Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. The game was released in July 2014 and the pair were scheduled to fight in September. Before the fight, both men suffered injuries during preparations for the fight. Gustafsson’s career hasn’t really recovered, going 0-2 and missing a third fight due to injury. Jones won his next bout but just returned from a six-month suspension following a hit-and-run incident in April 2015.

So it would seem that with a 100% strike rate, there may in fact be an EA Sports UFC curse. People are so busy making fun of video games for being for nerds, maybe they should focus on the fact that video games are a portal for the occult.


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