The State of et geekera

So this post has been months coming and probably desperately needed since March when et geekera was last updated.

I meant to write a big State of the Union post for January 1st but I had other things to do like holiday time with the family, travel for my day job (I don’t get paid for et geekera despite whatever adds WordPress puts up), playing games and summarizing news. That meant that the State of et geekera address got pushed back but I thought it was a good way to bring the blog back from temporary hiatus.

You probably know that in addition to writing et geekera from Monday to Friday, posts go up seven days a week on my other blog, The Lowdown. My disappointment with mainstream coverage of gamer and geeks culture at the end of 2012 (mostly Spike’s Video Game Awards) prompted me to add et geekera to my plate. I originally intended to do two or three longer-form pieces a week but that really didn’t last the first week before I was posting news tidbits, videos and memes.

Over the last little bit, my workload at my day job got to the point where I’m running out of time to keep up with any outside interests. For six months out of the year, it’s a 50+ hour a week job. Everyone who has a job knows that time you get paid for is really only a part of the time you dedicate to work. Add in an hour for lunch six days a week, time to get ready in the morning and travel time to get to and from the office and it’s a 60 or 65-hour a week commitment that just saps all the energy out of you to keep up with your hobbies.

My workload hasn’t lessened. I haven’t dropped The Lowdown. I haven’t been able to add any writers to take the work off my plate (I don’t have the money to pay anyone for that). But I really love writing about games and geek culture so I’m going to keep coming back here to write some more.

I won’t guarantee daily posts. I won’t guarantee even weekly posts. I thought about reformatting the whole thing into a monthly e-zine that gets published in PDF. I think that et geekera will settle into occasional updates with the target being at least two meaningful posts a week. Think something closer to Calm Down Tom than Kotaku but you already expected that.

At some point, I might re-examine what I want et geekera to be. To be honest, turning this blog into a monthly e-zine does appeal to me but I’d need to bring in a few more people and do a lot more research before I’d be willing to take that risk. There will still be news analysis, reviews and columns. I don’t think that video content will be coming any time soon. Maybe short-form podcasts summarizing news with some opinions will come at some point.

For now, business resumes today. Conveniently, that’s just in time for Game of Thrones.

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About Steve Murray

Steve is the founder and editor of The Lowdown Blog and et geekera. On The Lowdown Blog, he often writes about motorsports, hockey, politics and pop culture. Over on et geekera, Steve writes about geek interests and lifestyle. Steve is on Twitter at @TheSteveMurray.

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