Dota 2’s The International Compendium Purchases Double the Prize Pool in Three Days

the-international-bannerLast Thursday, Valve released their official digital program for this year’s Dota 2 world championships, The International. As was the case last year, a 25% portion of the sales of the program, The International Compendium 2014, will go towards funding the prize pool for this year’s International.

After only three days on the market, the prize pool had more than doubled to eclipse The International 3’s prize pool and set a new record for the largest prize pool in eSports history at over $3.4 million and climbing.

The Compendium costs Dota 2 fans $10 USD each. Of that price, $2.50 goes toward the prize pool for the tournament. If last year’s The International is anything to go by, the winner will take home 50% of the prize pool which will easily exceed $1.7 million. That tops last year’s championship prize of $1.44 million from a pool of $2.87 million.

A quick bit of math indicates that the prize pool increase of $1.8 million comes from $7.2 million in sales of the Compendium 2014 which means that over 720,000 copies of the Compendium were sold by 2:00 PM PDT yesterday.

Purchasing a Compendium doesn’t just add to the prize pool. It give buyers a number of perks for playing Dota 2 matches as a Compendium owner. These are mostly cosmetic perks including custom in-game effects, new loading screens and new character appearances. Owners also get a special Battle Points booster whose effect increases as their Compendium’s level increases.

In a Kickstarter stretch goal-like setup, as more money is raised through buying Compendiums, Valve is unlocking new features for Dota 2. Many of these are custom effects for Compendium owners. However, there are some for all players. So far, a new All Random Deathmatch game mode has been unlocked for increasing the prize pool to $2.9 million. At $5 million, a 1v1 mid-lane-only game mode will be unlocked. As of writing, Dota 2 fans will have to buy another 600,000 Compendiums to unlock it.

This latest news is no surprise considering that tickets for The International 4 in Seattle’s Key Arena sold out in an hour. While it seems that League of Legends makes news for the size of the viewer base, Dota 2 comes back just as hard with the money. Still, the fact that there are two similar games and communities that are thriving and growing eSports in their own ways is something that everyone interested in eSports should be happy about.

Source: The International 4


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