Twitter is Testing a New “Fave People” Timeline

Apparently Twitter is a firm believer in the old Red Green adage of “If it ain’t broke, you’re not trying.” The social media / microblogging (how long has it been since someone called it that?) is currently testing another change to the service. Some users of the Android app now have a “Fave People” feature added to the app that highlight tweets from specific accounts.

twitter-fave-people-alpha-screenshotFrom the looks of it Fave People is a more easily accessible version of Twitter’s lists. As opposed to being accessable through your profile on the app, it will be right up top, along with Home, Discover and Activity. To use it, users have to tag certain accounts as favourites and they will make up the Fave People list.

The Fave People list will also come with a notification option that allows Twitter to push a notification to you whenever the people on your list post an update. I should emphasize that’s an option because there are some accounts where turning on notifications would burn out your phone’s vibrate function in a matter of hours.

This isn’t the only big redesign that Twitter is currently putting through testing. They are also working on a revised profile design that people are likening to Facebook and Google Plus. Rather than a vertical stream of updates, they are more scattered about with an emphasis on tweets containing pictures and videos.

Given the emphasis placed on Fave People now and my Facebook app considering chronological order of updates optional, it seems that Twitter wants to copy Facebook’s success by copying Facebook. I can deal with some of the new Twitter stuff but I’m not sure I can handle changing the actual reading of stuff on a timeline. I kind of like Twitter being all chronological. I doubt I’m the only one.

Sources: Mashable, TechCrunch


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