Coming Soon to Spain – Star Trek: The Theme Park

star-trek-plaza-futura-headerJust because the whole country of Spain is pretty much broke doesn’t mean that Paramount isn’t spending money there and expecting to receive people’s money in return. They recently announced the creation of what is effectively a resort in the municipality of Alhama de Murcia called Paramount Park Murcia which will include a really cool looking Star Trek theme park.

Paramount Park Murcia (not ‘Murica) will include condominium and office buildings, hotels, malls, a casino, a convention center, gardens, an exhibition hall and a theme park.

The Star Trek section of the part is to be called Plaza Futura and the concept art harkens to the rebooted Star Trek ‘verse rather than the TNG era Star Trek that was featured at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. Granted, you probably expected that.

The Plaza Futura will include a “Starfleet Spain recruiting centre,” a 3D simulator ride that brings visitors into space and a “Warp Speed” roller coaster which includes an underground section that is billed as a wormhole. At least some classic Star Trek interstellar anomalies haven’t been forgotten.

I keep thinking that I should visit Spain though I’m probably only saying that because it’s -10°C before adding on any windchill right now. A Star Trek theme park wouldn’t convince me to go to Spain in itself but I could be persuaded to pay a visit if I was in the neighbourhood. I reckon many other Star Trek fans would feel the same.

And since I mentioned the concept art, here it is.

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  1. You had me up until the word ‘rebooted.’


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