Gal Gadot Cast as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

gal-gadot-wonder-woman-headerI’m not sure that there’s a more impossible role in the world of film to cast than Wonder Woman. Seeing as she is an Amazonian princess who is tall, muscular and attractive, there aren’t many actresses that can fit the bill who are good actresses. However, Zack Snyder is giving Wonder Woman a go on the big screen and has cast Gal Gadot in the role of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince.

If you read that Gadot’s name and asked “who?,” you wouldn’t be alone. She’s an Israeli actress and model who was Miss Israel in 2004 before doing her two-year service with the Israeli Defense Forces and becoming an actress after completing her compulsory military service. In North America, Gadot is best known for playing Gisele in the fourth, fifth and sixth Fast and The Furious movies.

A number of women were under consideration to be cast in the role. Jaimie Alexander was a leading contender but Marvel is believed to have put the kibosh on those plans. Former MMA fighter Gina Carano was another popular name but I’d imagine working with ex-boyfriend Henry Cavill would be a bit awkward. Also rumoured but not cast were Olga Kurylenko and Elodie Yung.

Most recent images of Gadot (including that one at the top-left) don’t exactly give off the whole Wonder Woman vibe to me but apparently she might do alright for herself. She was a sports trainer while in the Israeli army so she might be able to train her way up to the Wonder Woman look that we know from the comics rather than a model who disappears when she turns sideways.

I don’t think that we can write off Gadot already because of her look or complete acting inexperience. I wasn’t sure about casting Ben Affleck as Batman when it was first announced but I warmed up to it. I think there will be an equal or greater amount of head scratching over this announcement but maybe it’ll work out for the best. We won’t really know until the movie comes out in 2015. That being said, I’m still very skeptical about this choice.

What does concern me is that Wonder Woman is being shoehorned into a Man of Steel sequel that already has Batman and a conflict plot shoehorned into it. Adding to my concerns is that rumours say that we’re getting a Flash cameo along with rumoured villain appearances by Doomsday and Lex Luthor. I just hope this is a decent movie and not just a two-hour trailer for a Justice League movie but it’s not looking good. I think I should just stick to the comics.

Header via Comic Book Movie.

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