Haven: Shot in the Dark Review

haven-promo-headerAfter a few good episodes that filled us in with more information, this week, the folks in Haven, Maine, pass some time until the big season finale. They did the same thing last season. Just a little bit of fun with some new characters to get us to the next step in this season’s story.

The episode opens up with a few meta jokes. We start from the handheld camera POV of two ghost hunters who are investigating paranormal activity in Haven. They open their show talking about how the Haven PD and the Haven Herald have been working together to cover up weird stuff happening in the town under the guise of freak accidents and gas leaks. Yeah, these jokes aren’t anything new and they are made every now and then but I like these jokes.

Anyway, what they discover in the house they’re investigating is a place that’s been clawed apart by something rather large, rather strong and probably rather ugly. According to local ME Gloria, the deceased occupant of the house was clawed up and had her heart ripped out. And the ghost hunter folks found out too since they were using a parabolic mic to eavesdrop on Gloria and Dwight. Gloria was so impressed that she decided to flip them off which just continues to cement her as the best.

With Audrey out of commission because William was shot and Barn connection and wibbly-wobbly sci-fi (yes, I do have a Doctor Who review coming soon), it’s up to Nathan, Duke and Dwight to handle things. Dwight’s detective work uncovers that the victims all have the same birth month. That leads them to thinking that Jennifer is the next target of the Troubled beast which Gloria seems to think isn’t a Troubled person and video from the ghost hunter fellas suggests the beast is made up of millions of William’s little black Trouble orbs.

Speaking of William, he’s not unconscious from a gun shot wound. By mid-episode, he was rescued by Crazy Hair and Kurrgan. With William awake and better, so is Audrey. They are connected, after all. So with Audrey up and about, she’s in the final act of the show.

The Trouble monster tries to get Jen while she’s at the Herald but she gets away to a secret warehouse that belong to the Brothers Teagues. While her friends, and the ghost guys, are able to find her, the monster is too and it’s out to kill her. The monster’s problem is that it can’t. Jennifer’s copy of Unstake My Heart, which is the book that Audrey was reading at the start of the pilot episode, has a mysterious power that protected her from the monster and caused it to dissolve when it tried to claw her.

The book has some sort of power when it’s in Jennifer’s possession. At the very end of the episode, Jennifer sees a glowing Guard symbol on the cover of the book that no one else can see. There’s also a message that only she can see telling her to find the heart of Haven and summon the door. So it looks like the Scooby Gang have a plan. They’ll summon the door and cast William back through and out of Haven forever.

Overall, this episode was reasonably fun though there wasn’t anything particularly meaningful outside the last minute of the show. The writers did seem to be writing 41 minutes of show to gets us to that final minute. It’s kind of like last year’s 11th episode with Nolan North but not quite as fun. I wish I had more to write as a conclusion but it was a bit of a throwaway episode.

Other random points of note:

  • Dwight doesn’t even have to go full Edge to threaten people. He’s at least three inches and 50 pounds of muscle bigger than any one else in town. There’s a reason why he’s nicknamed Sasquatch and Bigfoot. I don’t think he ever used the big boot as a regular move, though.
  • I think this is our best Gloria appearance of the season. Considering how long ME’s tend to last in Haven, I hope that she doesn’t disappear any time soon.

The next episode won’t be next week. Instead, the next two episodes will run back-to-back in two weeks’ time as Audrey gets in touch with her original personality/incarnation. Presumably, this is a front for whatever work Jen and company are doing to get rid of William through the door. I doubt that I’m going out on a limb by predicting that William will be defeated but the Troubles aren’t leaving. I just hope that Jen and Gloria aren’t offed in the next two episodes. Women who aren’t Audrey don’t fare too well in this series.


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