Need For Speed: Rivals Locked to 30 FPS on PC

need-for-speed-rivals-bannerAre you looking forward to playing EA’s latest Need for Speed game, Rivals, in 1080p at 30 FPS? Settle down, PS4 users. I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to the folks who are picking up the game on PC. Reports suggest that not only will the console version of NFS:Rivals run at 30 FPS but the PC version will be locked to 30 FPS too.

This isn’t the first time that a Need for Speed game has been locked to a low FPS level on the PC. Last year’s NFS: Most Wanted was capped at 60 FPS by Criterion. It wasn’t great but at least it was tolerable (though I have a little bit of bias in saying that because my monitor is a 60 Hz monitor so I’m constantly VSync-ing to 60 FPS).

According to Germany’s PC Games Hardware, EA says the 30 FPS limit makes it easier to keep gameplay in sync with the “AllDrive” combination of single and multiplayer gaming at the same time in the game. Over on /r/Games, there are theories that the game logic is somehow tied to the frame rate rather than being independent of the frame rate and that it’s indicative of a quick and lazy port of the console version to PC.

Earlier this morning, this video popped up on YouTube showing what would happen when the game is upped to 60 FPS. Doubling the frame rate doubles the speed at which the game plays. So it looks like the game’s timings are all tied to frame rate. In other words, the verdict is a lazy PC port.

I normally buy NFS games (usually when on a massive discount) but I just can’t justify that right now. Plain and simple, this PC port is very disappointing. Here are people spending hundreds of dollars more on a PC than what they would for a console so the games will look and run better than console version. What does that say to fans of the series who play on PC when the devs can’t be bothered to put the time and effort into making a decent version of the game for PC? Shame EA and Ghost Games. Shame.

Source: PC Games Hardware, /r/Games

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  1. oh my word, that is terrible. How can they release a game like that? That’s rubbish. I can see why they always get nominated for the worst company award, geez


  2. Don’t forget it’s also one of the only racing games in the world that also…wait for it…doesn’t actually support racing wheel, Lol. Yeah way to go EA, YOU SUCK!


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