Building (Critical) Consensus: Pokemon X & Y

pokemon-x-y-box-artI have no scientific proof of this but I’m pretty sure that everyone from my age and younger (from, say, 25 down to old enough to play games) has been exposed to Pokemon at some point. Whether it’s the games or the anime or even the trading card game (which Wizards of the Coasts brought to America to try to get kids into TCG and move them onto Magic: The Gathering), everyone knows Pokemon. So, naturally, it’s massive news and a massive event when Game Freak releases a new Pokemon game that is the first major update to the formula that everyone loves.

While the basic underlying formula of the Pokemon franchise hasn’t changed, that doesn’t mean that reviewers don’t love the latest entry into the franchise. The worst review right now is 70% because of the current lack of an import feature from previous games and some framerate issues. The rest of the critics still love the classic formula and adore the new 3D art-style that Game Freak adopted for their first game on the 3DS. If you already have an opinion of Pokemon games from previous generations, it’s not likely that your opinion of this game will be any different.

Destructoid (95%): Many will tell you that Pokemon X and Y totally shakes up the stale old Pokemon foundation, but they are simply dazzled by the bright lights and flashing images. This isn’t a problem though, because some of us love the “stale” old Pokemon foundation, and we’re happy to get it looking as good as it’s ever looked. I want to walk around in grass and toss my balls in a magic dog’s face, and that’s exactly what I get from X and Y. That I get it with beautifully animated combat and gorgeous, vivid colors just totally seals the deal. Nobody has demonstrated they can do Pokemon better than Pokemon can. X and Y does everything it needs to remain relevant, to prove why it’s the top of its field, and if that’s not good enough for you, there’s nothing Ekans say to change your mind.

Modojo (90%): X and Y are great editions to the Pokemon franchise, ideal for gamers who walked away from the series and hardcore fans who have been there the whole way. On that note, generation six is a mega evolution of its own. With this in mind, we highly recommend X and Y for any Pokemon fan or 3DS owner looking to complete their game collections.

Game Informer (88%): Pokémon X & Y does not break the mold of what we expect when we play a Pokémon game. It goes down the checklist of important Pokémon features, neatly ticking them off one by one. It still feels like a Pokémon game, but the ease of player control, the updated art direction, 3D graphics, and the scaling of the world make everything more inviting, attractive, and fun. It’s a great stepping-on point for new trainers, and a worthwhile continuing adventure for those who know what to expect.

Edge Magazine (80%): Make no mistake: this is a pair of games that will lead to formative moments in young lives, moments of the kind that will inspire a lifelong passion for the medium. In the games’ improved communication features, too, X and Y are truer to their narrative’s ethos: the joy of sharing moments of beauty and surprise with others. It’s a delightful message to send to a new generation of players, many of whom are just starting out on their own gaming journey. There can be few better places to do so.

USgamer (70%): I can’t begin to guess whether or not a few more months in the oven would’ve translated into a steady framerate, a longer list of new Pokémon, and a functional import option. But I do know that Pokémon X and Y are, by some of the series’ own standards, incomplete in their current form. Given the choice between a delayed game and a disappointing one, there’s no question which D word I’d pick.


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