Sony Announces PS Vita TV for Big Screen Vita Experience

ps-vita-tvGoogle has Chromecast. Apple has Apple TV. Now, Sony is getting into the world of TV plug-in devices but their’s will have include a feature more interesting than Apple or Google has.

Sony announced the PS Vita TV, a small device that plugs into your TV that allows you to access online streaming services, social media, surf the internet and more. More importantly, the PS Vita TV also lets you play Vita games right on your TV.

The PS Vita TV hardware is a 2.5-inch by 4.1-inch device that will plug into your TV via a HDMI cable and can output up to 1080i resolution. The Vita TV has LAN and USB ports, in addition to the HDMI port, along with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There is also a memory card slot so you can download/save games onto the device.

The Vita TV will also have the same PlayStation 4 remote play capabilities as the PS Vita proper will have. But since it won’t make sense to remote play to a Vita TV connected to the same TV as your PS4, you can remote play to a Vita TV connected to a different TV than the one your PS4 is plugged into.

The launch plans are set for Japan with the Vita TV launching for ¥9,480 ($95 USD) with a bundle that includes a DualShock 3 controller and 8 GB memory card for about ¥14,280 ($150 USD). The Japanese launch is set for November 15th while there are no set plans for the international release of the Vita TV.

On the one hand, making the Vita more entry-level device by taking out the expensive touchscreen and battery hardware is a smart business strategy. However, the Vita is a portable console which was its unique selling feature so the Vita TV does defeat some of the purpose of the console. Still, in a world of Ouyas and GameSticks, the Vita TV could quickly become the big player in the cheap home console segment of the market.

Sources: Destructoid, Sony Computer Entertainment


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