New Firefly Tabletop RPG Coming as Soon as Spring While the MMO Hits a Roadblock

firefly-wallpaper-01Late last week, Margaret Weis Productions announced that they got the go ahead from Twentieth Century Fox to make a new tabletop game based on the cult hit TV series Firefly. This isn’t the first time that Margaret Weis Productions has made a Firefly game. Back in 2005, they made a tabletop RPG for the release of Serenity.

Meanwhile, over on the digital side of the Firefly universe, DarkCryo’s IndieGoGo fundraiser for their Firefly Universe Online MMORPG his a snag and has been pulled from the site.

Let’s start with the tabletop game. From what I’ve read, MWP’s original Serenity game was award-winning but considered a little limited in scope because it was based on the movie which was a little limited in scope itself compared to the TV series. Given that Serenity was MWP’s first game and that they’ve had plenty of time to hone their craft so hopefully the result is a damn good experience.

Margaret Weis Productions says that the game could be released in print and digitally as soon as this spring.

As for the much-anticipated Firefly Universe Online MMO, it look like their IndieGoGo fundraising campaign suffered another false start and has been taken offline.

According to DarkCryo though the FUO Facebook page, they chose to cancel their IndieGoGo campaign. There were some technical issues with the IndieGoGo campaign page that made it difficult for people to contribute. There was also a violation of IGG’s Terms of Use as DarkCryo created a rewards tier that included revenue sharing with what DarkCryo termed as angel investors. Given the issues they had, DarkCryo decided to abandon IndieGoGo.

This wasn’t the first bit of adversity that DarkCryo has faced. They pushed back their initial plans for a fundraising campaign by about a month after an article about Firefly Universe Online by Kotaku suggesting that it might be a sham.

So while the fate of the MMO RPG for Firefly is currently hanging in the balance, at least we’re getting a tabletop RPG.


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