Geek Links of the Week

Gamma Squad has put together a beginner’s guide to comic books for folks who want to start buying comic books. The Cole’s Notes version of it is don’t be afraid to go into a store and buy whatever you want. [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]

Red shirts on the Enterprise had a rough go of it but that wasn’t the worst colour shirt to wear. Statistically, the worst option is the command gold shirt. [Significance Magazine]

Wasn’t it cool when Neil deGrasse Tyson said that Thor’s hammer Mjolnir weighed the equivalent of a herd of 300 billion elephants? Well, it turns out that he might have misinterpreted the making of Mjolnir and it put his calculation off by about 300 billion elephants. [The Abstract – NCSU]

In an interview with Eurogamer, Naughty Dog co-President Christophe Balestra says the company made some stupid mistakes in the transition from PS2 to PS3 but think they’ve now sorted it out. This is the same company that’s picked up how many PS3 GOTY and overall GOTY (among other) awards for the Uncharted franchise. I wish they can make as many stupid mistakes for their PS4 efforts. [Eurogamer]

Speaking of the PlayStation 4, here’s a shameless link to our own coverage of the PS4 launch. It’s everything that you need to know from Wednesday’s big event. [et geekera]


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