Five Questions for Season Four of Haven

haven-wallpaperThe third season of Syfy’s original series Haven wrapped up last Friday with a back-to-back set of episodes. The problem with the finale is that the cliffhanger left me with more questions than answers. I guess that’s the trouble with TV season finales. Writers feel obligated to leave you a cliffhanger to make you feel obliged to come back so as to get the conclusion of the story even though fans of the show will come back regardless.

Since we were left with more questions than answers, here are some questions that will need answering when the fourth season of Haven starts this fall.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched the Season Three finale and keep going, you forfeit any right to complain about spoiling the show for you.

When will the story start next season?

haven-the-barn-interiorWe know that every 27 years, Audrey (formerly Sarah and Lucy) shows up to help people with the Troubles and go into the barn to make it them stop for the next 27 years. We ended last season with the barn disappearing with Audrey and Duke. My question isn’t where the story will start next year. I’d imagine that we’ll see a scene inside the barn and back in Haven before the opening credits roll.

My question is when next season will pick up. If all goes as it’s supposed to, the barn and Audrey (or whatever her next incarnation may be called) will show up in another 27 years. I don’t think that would be a permanent solution as I’ll go into more depth about in a moment. Jumping ahead 27 years would also likely mean no Vince and Dave since they’d be close to 100-years-old by the time the barn shows up again. (They were around for Sarah, Lucy and Audrey which would make them each at least 72 by the end of last season [assuming they were 18 when Sarah was in Haven].)

On that note, why didn’t the barn work like it was supposed to?

haven-the-barnWhen the Troubles end, or, at least, go on hiatus, for 27 years when the barn disappears. The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be an immediate end to the Troubles when we fade to black at the end of this season. Nathan didn’t seem too bothered about the bullet holes in his back and the Hunter meteor storm was pounding Haven into the ground. The disappearance of the barn was supposed to happen when Audrey was ready for it to go and it would result in the meteor storm and the Troubles stopping. Clearly, that hasn’t happened.

The logical answer would be to say that Audrey didn’t really want to go or that Duke leaping into the vanishing barn caused everything to get screwed up. I get the feeling that what Haven Audrey and Duke come back to next season will tie to why the barn and Audrey disappearing didn’t stop the Troubles.

They can’t actually do this show without the Troubles, can they?

Characters that are actually well-written and well-acted can only carry a show so far. What differentiates this show from the rest of the cop shows on TV is that supernatural element of the Troubles. If the Troubles disappear, it’s really not the same show, is it? I’m not sold that the show will be the same in a Trouble-less Haven. However, if the writers wanted to go in this direction with Season Three, I’d hope that means they had an idea in mind for Season Four.

Can we get the Teagues brothers bumped up to series regular status?

haven- dave-and-vince-teaguesSorry, we’re moving away from the plot with the last two questions. Since the strength of this show are the characters, again, both in writing and acting, having two of the more interesting characters around every week won’t hurt the show. And who doesn’t like the offbeat antics of Vince and Dave Teagues? Whether they’re involved in the mystery/trouble of the week or off doing their own thing in the B-story, I always find them entertaining.

Since Richard Donat and John Dunsworth were already in nine of this season’s thirteen episodes, it shouldn’t be too hard to fit them into all episodes of a season. Besides, as a Canadian, I want my fellow Canucks to be gainfully employed. Since I’m trying to get Canadian actors more employment, I wouldn’t be heart-broken if Edge’s Dwight showed up more often.

Will we see Richard McGonagle make an appearance for another Uncharted reunion? Maybe a bit more Nolan North?

uncharted-3-sully-elenaAdmittedly, what got me into the show was the episode featuring Nolan North appearing alongside Emily Rose in an unofficial Uncharted reunion. For non-gamers, Uncharted stars North as sarcastic treasure hunter Nathan Drake and Rose as love interest Elena Fisher. I’m guessing the writers of Haven are fans of Uncharted because North’s character Will Brady was basically a more academic, less treasure hunter version of Drake.

Anyhow, we got Claudia Black (Chloe Frazer in Uncharted) and Nolan North in season three. So where’s Sully? Richard McGonagle plays Drake’s partner/mentor-in-crime Victor Sullivan. I somehow doubt that McGonagle would be given an Uncharted-esque role as North was but it would be cool if McGonagle shows up as a mentor from Duke’s past.

Failing that, more Nolan North wouldn’t hurt anyone. The only logical way to wedge him back into the show would be to wedge him into the Audrey-Nathan-Duke love triangle. They’ve already done that in the last two seasons by introducing Jordan in Season 3 and the dude that Jason Priestley played in Season 2. Clearly, I’m not cut out to write TV but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need more Nolan North on TV.

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