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Steam Holiday Sale: December 24, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-23Merry Christmas Eve everyone. You have one last chance to do your Christmas shopping for your Steam friends with today’s Steam Holiday Sale.

You’ve got a lot of great year or two old games for sale today that are worth a look today. There’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown that comes with all the DLC for 75% off. While Far Cry 4 is still on the pricey side, there’s Far Cry 3 which is pretty close to the same game but far cheaper. And there’s always Terraria which is supposed to be worth it at full price so it must be at 80% off.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 23, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-23Today’s selection of games in the 2014 Steam Holiday Sale might not be the biggest collection of new games and deals but it certainly makes up for it in sheer quantity of deals. A quick count of the deals that I have featured here is 40 games or packs with big discounts. That doesn’t include all the other franchise and DLC deals that you can find by digging through the store pages.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 22, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-20Normally I’d open one of these posts with a little bit of knowledge or a story but I don’t have the time today. I’m done all my Christmas shopping but I’m busier today than when I was elbowing my way through crowds at the liquor store this weekend. Okay, so I do have time for a story. At least you don’t have to worry about fighting the crowds on Steam. Having enough money to buy the rest of your gifts, sure. But you don’t have to worry about quantity… Usually. Remember that time they sold out of keys for that one Star Wars game?

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 21, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-20Another day, another set of new Steam deals. A bunch of the old Steam Sale favourites, such as Portal, Skyrim and Shadow Warrior, are for sale in today’s daily deal. Alien Isolation is also for sale today as the new release for 50% off. Unlike yesterday’s Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, this one might actually be worth it.

I also went through all of the Flash Sales before posting. Each of their store pages list them as being 24-hour deals. That means you can wait until the next round of Flash Sales before making a decision.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 20, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-20So as of writing, Steam appears to be fairly broken so it’s very likely that whatever discounts are written below have changed since posting. If I can keep up with the changes, I will. I think only the Community Pick discounts are still likely wrong at this point.

And I’m learning some things as I click around the Holiday Sale. Most interestingly is that the Flash Sales don’t seem to be 12 hours. Most appear to run for 24 hours but DMC: Devil May Cry’s story page showed it’s on discount for 24 hours. So you might not have to rush as quickly for that flash sale but keep your eyes on them in case Valve catches on.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 19, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-18It’s the second day of the fifteen-day Steam Holiday Sale. It kind of makes you worry about how much you might need to pace yourself when you realize how long you’re going to be staring at ridiculous deals. Funnily enough, I was just about to buy one of yesterday’s deals but was stopped by a well-timed review copy.

A quick note before today’s discounts. The Community Choices are the three games that were voted on during the previous 24 hours. The winner will have the big discount while the other two will have lesser discounts. I’ll list the winner first followed by the other two. I’m not sure yet if it’s worth getting the two runners-up at their discount, though. Not that today’s runners-up are that inspiring.

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Steam Holiday Sale: December 18, 2014

steam-holiday-sale-2014-header-dec-18It’s Christmas Time at old GabeN’s place. From now until 12:59 PM EST on Friday, January 2nd, it’s time for the 2014 edition of the Steam Holiday Sale. Note that date and time because the end of sale timing seems to confuse a lot of people.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features of this year’s Holiday Sale. The Daily Deals, called Featured Deals in this sale, run for 48 hours which is what we’ve come to expect. Flash Sales are back and rotate through every twelve hours instead of every eight. And the community picks are back with cards as a voting incentive. However, Community Picks run for 24 hours and the Community Pick bundle choices are gone this time around. Community picks are just one game for this sale.

As usual, don’t buy something unless it’s a Daily Deal, Flash Sale or Community Pick until we get to the final twelve hours of the sale. Inside those final 12 hours, it’s anything goes.

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Steam Exploration Sale: December 1, 2014

steam-exploration-sale-2014-header-dec-1This is it. Cyber Monday is also the final day of the Steam Exploration Sale. That means that you have carte blanche to buy what you really want without bankrupting yourself. That last part is probably the most difficult part of a Steam sale, especially with Christmas and the Steam Holiday sale three-ish weeks away.

Today, there are some of the usual deals and some cool new deals. As far as the status quo goes, there’s Skyrim, Killing Floor, Portal and XCOM. I’d imagine that most of you have them but you’re always going to get more opportunities with those games. As far as new additions to sales, Alien: Isolation is a steal at $24.99. If you’re not an Alien or survival horror fan, you can probably sit out ’til next summer but I’m having a lot of fun with it (and I promise that review is coming inside the next six weeks). Other newer releases with sales are Child of Light (which I’m buying) and Ryse: Son of Rome (which I refuse to buy for more than $10).

Happy end of sale day! Maybe that’s just all of our wallets talking.

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Steam Exploration Sale: November 30, 2014

steam-exploration-sale-header-nov-30So we’ve reached the second-to-last day of the annual Steam fall sale. It’s not time to panic yet, though. We’re probably going to get an encore sale tomorrow but who knows what Steam might throw at us for Cyber Monday sales. What I can confirm is that every game has the 48-hour countdown on its store page.

You might call today’s deals the triple-A deals day. GTA, Resident Evil, Dishonored, Far Cry and Saints Row are all on sale with big discounts today. Mind you, if you’re an indie fan, there’s also Papers, Please, Transistor, Torchlight, Legend of Grimrock and more.

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Steam Exploration Sale: November 29, 2014

steam-exploration-sale-header-nov-29We’ve reached day four of the Steam Exploration Sale. It’s amazing that we’re already almost done the Steam sale but there are a few games for shooter and RPG fans today.

If you’re looking for the likes of Borderlands or COD: Ghosts, you’ve got your shooter needs cover. From the RPG ranks, you can pick from the Fallout franchise, South Park: The Stick of Truth, The Witcher franchise and Dragon Age: Origins. So today is a pretty damn good day to add to your already massive back catalogue.

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