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Comic Book Pull List for February 11, 2015

harley-quinn-valentines-day-special-1Just weeks after Star Wars #1 came out, Marvel is back to take advantage of Disney’s new Star Wars ownership with a second comic. It’s not just the movie side that will be milking Star Wars for all its worth. Okay, that’s probably unfair to the people writing it at Marvel but Disney is trying to suck Star Wars dry to get that $4 billion back. It all continues with Darth Vader #1.

Elsewhere, DC Comics has Harley Quinn: Valentine’s Day Special in which Harley goes to a charity auction to buy a date with Bruce Wayne. You know, sometimes outlandish sounding fun is just what we need from a comic. Elsewhere, Dynamite spins off its first series from its Legenderry steampunk comic in Legenderry: Red Sonja #1. And Valiant says that they have a new take on science-fiction with the debut of Divinity #1.

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Comic Book Pull List for January 28, 2015

effigy-1Things might be quiet on the blog for the next little bit until I get a bit more free time to do some actual blogging. That doesn’t mean that the usual features are going quiet. For example, just because I haven’t found too much business of gaming to write about or time to review games doesn’t mean that comic publishers are slowing down as evidenced by this week’s pull list.

The comic that interests me the most this week is DC’s Effigy #1. It’s an occult murder mystery comic about a former child star who returns home to find a crazy cult who worship celebrities as gods is murdering people. I was sold just on the description. Meanwhile, Boom is starting a new series based on the card game you love to hate (or is that my friends I love to hate while playing it) with Munchkin #1. And to give equal opportunity, Marvel has the Uncanny Avengers #1 coming out this week to confuse me about what’s going on in the Marvel-verse even more.

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Comic Book Pull List for January 21, 2015

galaxy-quest-the-journey-continues-1We’ve got a few random-ish picks for the pull list recommendations because who doesn’t like when I go off the board in these posts?

Marvel is bringing the Power graphic novel series to comics. It’s not because of the graphic novel series, though. It’s because of the TV series airing on Sony’s PlayStation Network. Go figure. Anyway, it starts with Powers #1. Just for fun, I’ll be on the look out for a copy of Antarctic Press’ Steampunk Goldilocks one-shot. And Galaxy Quest is back. It’s Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #1 which may be the closest we ever get to a Galaxy Quest sequel, even if I say that I’m not interested in a Galaxy Quest sequel.

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Comic Book Pull List for January 14, 2015

fables-the-wolf-among-us-1After yesterday’s return of the Game Trailers Roundup, it’s time to bring back another etg. regular post from it’s holiday hiatus. It’s our first look at comics in the new year. Also like the trailers roundup, it’s a bit of a slow week outside the big two.

If adaptations are your thing, this week has lots in store for you. The six-issue Q event comes to an end in Star Trek #40 as the new Enterprise crew joins forces with Captain Sisko against Dukat. Did I mention how much of a DS9 fan I am? Marvel takes its first crack at Star Wars with a new series that bridges Episodes IV and V in Star Wars #1. Yes, I’m almost sure that’s Marvel and not Dark Horse. And DC gives us a couple of video game adaptations with Mortal Kombat X #1 and Fables: The Wolf Among Us #1.

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Comic Book Pull List for December 24, 2014

he-man-the-eternity-war-1Yes, kids, there are comic books released immediately before Christmas. In case you’ve got some last-minute Christmas shopping that needs to be done and you only feel like bashing your way through a few people rather than half the town, I have this week’s comic book pull list for you.

If you know someone who’s a fan of Marvel’s movies, they’re releasing a comic adaptation of 2012’s The Avengers. The first part of that adaptation drops this week. War breaks out over Castle Greyskull and He-Man and She-Ra lead a resistance to retake it in He-Man: The Eternity War #1. And The Shadow has some sort of one-shot or annual or something like that with a poor description but it’s The Shadow so it gets a pass in The Shadow 2014 #1.

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Comic Book Pull List for December 17, 2014

dredd-uprise-2Since I love doing themes in each week’s comic book pull list, let’s do another one this week. For this week’s comic book pull list, I have four recommendations from the world of comic spinoffs for TV shows and movies.

From the TV world, Bob’s Burgers wraps up its five-issue miniseries that I didn’t see advertised as a miniseries until this week in Bob’s Burgers #5. Smallville starts its own new miniseries in Smallville Season 11: Continuity #1. The rebooted Star Trek comic continues its adventures with Q. This time, Kirk and Sisko join forces to hold off the Dominion while Spock deals with Gul Ducat in Star Trek #39. You know, I always loved DS9. The best episodes of the Dominion War era were among the best Star Trek ever put on TV. And let’s close out with Dredd: Uprise #2, the second issue of the two-part miniseries based on the movie.

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Comic Book Pull List for December 10, 2014

the-valiant-1If there’s one thing that bugs me about my pull lists, it’s that I don’t give enough space to the smaller publishers. I would but we don’t get anything outside of your Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW and Dynamite comics in small town Northern Ontario. So let’s start today’s pull list with Valiant. This week marks the launch of an internal cross-over event that sees all of their big series come together in The Valiant #1. Bonus points for being written by Canada’s Jeff Lemire.

Speaking of cross-overs, Spider-Man joins up with the X-Men at Jean Grey’s Academy. Well, I suppose that with great power comes great responsibility, whether it’s power from a genetic mutation or a spider bite. Find out how everyone co-exists in Spider-man and X-Men #1. And I can’t find any new cross-over special so how about a holiday special? I don’t remember seeing a specific holiday themed one-shot last year but DC’s trying it in Harley Quinn: Holiday Special #1.

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Comic Book Pull List for December 3, 2014

captain-america-peggy-carter-agent-of-shield-1Who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine with all the chicks? Shaft! It’s not everyday that I get to start a post with a killer line like that. But if you can dig it, Dynamite Entertainment is launching a new Shaft comic book this week starting with Shaft #1.

Meanwhile, over at Marvel, they have a comic prequel one-shot for the Agent Carter TV show with Captain America: Peggy Carter, Agent of SHIELD #1. And to give equal time to the other folks of the Big Two, DC Comics is bringing back the Secret Six once again. Fourth time’s the charm, right? We’ll see if the New 52 holds better luck in Sinister Six #1.

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Comic Book Pull List for November 26, 2014

steampunk-battlestar-galactica-1880-4You know, I haven’t been to my local comic book shop in about six weeks, I probably have a rather painful bill waiting for me when I pick up my file this week. I really should set a reminder on my phone to pick up my file every third or fourth week of the month. I know that you probably aren’t too worried about my comic buying habits but every little bit I can help you guys, I will.

Anyway, I have a few interesting selections from this week’s pull list but I’ve kept away from the big two. Let’s start with a couple of very odd takes on franchises. IDW has a mashup of Angry Birds and Transformers that might just be out of Michael Bay’s dreams in Angry Birds Transformers #1. If steampunk and sci-fi are your thing, you’ll probably want to pick up the finale of Dynamite’s miniseries with Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 #4. And for fans of the new Planet of the Apes movies, Boom bridges the two reboot films starting with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #1.

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Comic Book Pull List for November 19, 2014

batman-66-meets-the-green-hornet-6This week’s pull list is unexpectedly thin outside of the Big Two. Not that a relative shortage of new releases is a bad thing. It quite helps my wallet since there isn’t quite as much for me to be tempted to pick up at my local comic book shop.

DC Comics has a couple of Batman ’66 comics for us this week. The Batman and Green Hornet crossover comic (not to be confused with their TV crossover) comes to an end with Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet #6. If that’s not enough Batman ’66 for you, a lost episode of the TV series that was supposed to introduce Two-Face gets the comic treatment in Batman ’66: The Lost Episode #1. Meanwhile, over at Marvel, Spider-Woman #1 debuts this week. You might have heard about this comic already because of the controversial Milo Manara variant cover.

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