Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 5 Leaked

Ubisoft may not have been planning to let the cat out of the bag on two of their more popular franchises but that hasn’t stopped info from coming out. Late last week, word started leaking fast about the upcoming iterations in the popular Far Cry and flagship Assassin’s Creed franchise. In fact, Ubisoft was caught so off guard that they admitted that they weren’t expecting to have to officially confirm AC5 yet.

Let’s start with the Far Cry leak because even I, with my limited knowledge of getting traffic online, know that you make people scroll and click their way to the stuff they want to see. So you’ll want to skip the following three paragraphs.

Far Cry 4 is going to be set in the Himalayan mountains rather than the warmer climates typically seen in the Far Cry series. As of now, reports indicate that the change in location won’t change gameplay that much. The basic Far Cry 3 gameplay will return with the open-world sandbox elements, gather items for crafting and taking out enemy outposts.

Reportedly, there will be some new mechanics in the game. The only one leaked so far is the inclusion of rideable elephants. I don’t know if it matters if FC4 doesn’t bring in more gameplay elements because elephants. Okay, it will because we need undefined next-gen gameplay in next-gen games but more on that in an upcoming column.

Far Cry 4 is expected out before the end of Ubisoft’s fiscal year so that would mean it would hit shelves in the first quarter of 2015. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions are expected but it doesn’t seem like last-gen versions are on the cards.

Meanwhile, Kotaku got their hands on some screenshots of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Because of the updated AC naming convention, presumably this will get the number 5 added to the title when a final name is chosen.

Based on leaked screenshots, Unity will take place in Paris during the French Revolution of the late 1700s. This time out, you play an assassin named Arno who is probably trying to stop some sort of Templar plot that is using the revolution as a cover for their nefarious activities.

Here’s a quick slideshow of the screenshots that Kotaku was willing to share (and watermark).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In response to the leak, Ubisoft quickly released a cinematic teaser trailer showing off some of Paris and a quick shot of the new hero. I’m guessing it’s a cinematic because it looks a damn sight better than the leaked early alpha screenshots.

In addition to the current-gen-only AC:Unity, Ubisoft is working on a legacy console-only AC game. This one is code-named Comet and will only be available for PS3 and Xbox 360. There’s no word on what Comet will be but I assume that it will probably confuse people if poorly marketed. After all, the reason why AC4 was given a number and name is because people thought that the name-only sequels weren’t as complete games as the numbered AC games.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Comet are expected to launch in AC’s usual fall release window.

Sources: Eurogamer, Kotaku

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