StarCraft Community Pulls Together To Support HyuN After Team Fails to Pay Salary

quantic-hyun-nameplateWhile professional gamers might be ultra competitive and go for the throat in competition, they’re a great bunch when push comes to shove. The StarCraft community, including a number of star players, have come together to support HyuN (real name Ko Hyun) after his team, Quantic Gaming, failed to pay him $23,000 in salary.

According to reports, HyuN was employed by Quantic Gaming at a salary of $2,200 per month. According to HyuN, he has received five monthly salary payments and five smaller payments equivalent to about two more months of salary. In addition to that, HyuN hasn’t received about $12,500 in prize money from various tournaments earned in 2013.

In order to help him make ends meet and keep him in the sport, a number of prominent StarCraft personalities have come together to raise money for HyuN. Retired player Golden held a four-man tournament to raise money for HyuN through stream revenues and donations.

HyuN isn’t the only one who has had trouble getting money owing to them from Quantic. Quantic’s COO, Bernie Catalan, says that he is owed $4,000, marketing director Paul Lampron has been shorted $8,000, and marketing employee John Clark claims back pay owing of $5,000.

Prior to it appearing that everyone at Quantic wasn’t getting paid, SC2 pro MaSsan (real name Harry Cheong) left Quantic after accusing the team of mistreatment and mismanagement and getting paid money owed to him by the team.

As for Quantic Gaming, it appears that the whole operation has disbanded. CEO Simon Boudreault hasn’t been heard from since December 17th. The team sold its Counter-Strike team in August and the League of Legends team disbanded just last week. The team’s SC2 efforts appear to be the only eSports team intact to any extent. Even then, HyuN appears to be the only main roster player left on Quantic with a number of Academy players being the only remaining Quantic SC2 players according to Liquipedia.

So while it’s a shame that things have played out this way for HyuN, at least people are coming together to support him. Hopefully he gets his money from Quantic Gaming and caries on in eSports.

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