Haven: When the Bough Breaks Review

haven-logoApparently my definition of a two-part season finale and SyFy’s definition of a two-part season finale are different. I thought that we’d get both parts of the two-part season finale this week. Nope. It’s Part 1 this week and Part 2 next week.

This week, we see what happens when everyone is pushed to the brink having to deal with a Troubled person that pushes everyone to the limit as people all over Haven die.

The episode starts with people randomly dropping dead around town. Well, not randomly. They hear something right before they die. There’s no connection between the victims for Audrey and Nathan to figure out apart from the hearing something weird but since it’s an instant critical, they can’t exactly give the police a heads up about it.

It doesn’t take long for William to just saunter up and pry Audrey away to discuss the new Trouble. He points out a baby whose Trouble has been supercharged. Their family Trouble is that crying will cause random people to die but only when they hit puberty. Much like he would have to do to Justin Bieber today, William took it into his own hands to activate the Trouble early to push Audrey back to him.

This brings us back to some of the earlier episodes where William said that he and Audrey’s original incarnation created the Troubles and that said incarnation still loves him. So to try to get that version of Audrey back, William says that Audrey created Troubles to balance out other Troubles. So to stop the crying baby from slowly wiping out the population of Haven and the surrounding area, Audrey concludes that she needs a sort of silence Trouble to neutralize the baby.

But first, Audrey figures that her Trouble immunity will stop the baby’s crying from affecting anyone. Well, that just causes the baby’s mother to keel over dead. Such a lovely family show this. When she does go about trying to give someone a neutralizing Trouble, she enlists the baby’s hard-of-hearing grandfather. Instead, the Trouble backfires and more people end up dead when the baby cries.

Much to the chagrin of the baby’s grandmother, Gloria the ME, the baby’s father decides that he needs to die at the hands of the Crocker curse in order to save the town. Of course, Duke’s Trouble ended weeks ago when he killed Wade so Audrey has to give it back to him. The problem is that Duke, having had an addicting Trouble of his own, realizes that Audrey felt her original incarnation when she gave the grandfather a Trouble. But both decide that that problem is worth risking to give Duke his Trouble back to save Haven.

So Audrey gets one of those black Trouble orbs and is going to touch Duke to reactivate his Trouble before we cut hard to black. Yeah, it is a two-part season finale. We just don’t get both parts at the same time.

The episode started with the B-plot which is kind of more important than everything else happening in town. Seeing as finding the Heart of Haven was the key to getting rid of William, this felt a bit marginalized since Duke buggered off partway through the episode to join the A-plot. It’s not like your girl is being hunted by psychopaths who want to kill her so she doesn’t save the town and foil their plans. Oh wait…

Right, so the episode starts with Jen being hidden away at one of Duke’s hiding spots and guarded by Haven PD seeing as she’s the one with the power to stop William. Jen and Duke also enlist the help of the Brothers Teagues to find the Heart of Haven seeing as they know just about every secret of the town. Well, every secret apart from this one.

However, just like Jen is the only one who can read instructions from the book, Vince’s Guard tattoo is the only thing to react to the book. When they’re in close proximity, Vince’s tattoo turns into a compass that leads our trio to a lighthouse that is the Heart of Haven. The problem is that they need four people to open the Heart in order to send William back through it. If only they had a fourth person with them at some point to get around that little issue… But when they discover that little factoid, it’s back to the A-plot to close out the episode.

As you can tell by the extra jokes peppered throughout this episode, I didn’t exactly enjoy this episode. It never really grabbed my attention. It hit the same beats as usual in the A-plot. The B-plot had some odd plot holes but getting more time with Jen and the Brothers Teagues is one of those things that goes over well with me.

The biggest problem with this episode, by a wide margin, is that it was setting up for next week rather than worrying about this week. The B-plot folks were busy teasing the solution to all of Haven’s problems with the lighthouse, the A-plotters didn’t really make any movement on their story. We just got some teases about big twists that might happen next week. Nothing of consequence happened this week with our heroes. It was a bit disappointing.

Other random points of note:

  • Jayne Eastwood, as Gloria the ME, carried the day on the acting front. Probably the best performance of the season. Yes, I’m including the Kate Kelton speech from episode three in that assessment and I was a huge fan of that. If Jayne hadn’t brought the noise this week, this episode risked being a wasted hour transitioning us to everything getting resolved later. Everyone else had nothing really to work with since they’re busy trying to sell the season finale. Next week’s preview indicates that everyone might get an opportunity to step up.
  • Remember when Duke was a criminal who couldn’t be trusted? Now, if you were to pick someone who was the real hero of Haven, Duke would be at the top of the list.
  • By the way, when the grandfather was touched to get Troubled, he did that on his forearm. Duke pulled open his shirt to show off his pecs and abs. That is totally a Duke thing to do.

Next week, the season comes to an end. Since we haven’t heard anything about a renewal yet, one does have to worry if next week’s The Lighthouse will also serve as the series finale. The viewership hasn’t been spectacular and the stars and writers asking fans to watch live and tweet about the show doesn’t sound promising.

Anyway, next week’s episode has all sorts of stuff happening in the preview. William, Kurrgan, and Crazy Hair get their hands on Nathan, Dave points a gun at Vince, Duke is bleeding out of his eyes and Audrey gets a creepy smile. Just imagine that you saw that all in 15 seconds with dramatic music and it’s far more exciting.

There was no Dwight in the preview but Lucas Bryant did mention that Edge was there for the finale while at NYCC. He told a story of how he and Eric punch each other to warm up for scenes. Well, only Edge was around for one scene of the finale so Lucas had him do the ritual. After a weak opening punch (which makes sense since Edge could probably kill him with a punch), Edge unleashed a knife-edge chop. Apparently that was the most painful thing Lucas ever felt. No wonder why wrestlers all say they hated getting chopped. So I think he’ll be fired up in next week’s episode… Or in a lot of pain.


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