Devs Say the PlayStation 4 Massively Outperforms the Xbox One

playstation-4-vs-xbox-one-console-bannerAn anonymous survey of developers by Edge Magazine shows that the performance difference expected based on their specs turns out to be a reality. Developers told Edge that the PlayStation 4 is up to 50 percent faster than the Xbox One and the recent GPU boost hasn’t done much to fix that.

According to developers, the PS4’s memory reads outpace the XB1 by 40 to 50 percent with the Arithmetic Logic Unit being about 50% faster.

One example of the performance difference given to Edge was that a game build that wasn’t optimized for either console was running at 30 FPS at 1920 ×1080 resolution while the same build would run “20-something” FPS at 1600 x 900 on the Xbox One.

While nothing on the hardware or back-end software side has been set in stone, developers told Edge that Microsoft was missing opportunities to catch up there too. The Xbox One’s graphics drivers are said to be behind that of the PS4’s which is hurting their performance relative to Sony’s console. Logically, Microsoft can close the performance gap as they release new drivers for the XB1.

The Xbox One has one advantage over the PS4. One developer told Edge, “Let’s say you are using procedural generation or raytracing via parametric surfaces – that is, using a lot of memory writes and not much texturing or ALU – Xbox One will be likely be faster.” That quote makes no sense to me but it sounds like something positive about the Xbox One so chin up, Microsoft. It’s not all bad news.

Will we see a big difference between the two when games are actually released? That seems to be a point of debate. Most developers believe that it would be political suicide to make the PS4 version significantly better than the Xbox One version. Therefore, it’s expected that the PlayStation 4 versions of multi-platform games will be roughly in graphical quality to Xbox One console editions.

This makes me wonder what Microsoft thinks about PC games being far and away superior to the console edition of multi-platform games. Or do they care because they get their money regardless.

Source: Edge Magazine

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  1. to be honest I’m actually quite over the whole xbox one is better than ps4, no wait ps4 is 50% faster now. It’s like they working together to create hype. Either way they are both going to be excellent consoles


    • I’d rather the war of words would end and we get on with the task of playing games but we still have two months of a PR war to sell systems that are already in short supply and likely won’t be physically available for purchase until 2014. A bit of a waste but a necessary evil, I suppose.

      It’s not entirely accurate to say that I buried the lede but I think that the second-to-last paragraph is the money paragraph. I should have spent a lot more time on the likelihood that identical looking games would be released on both consoles despite the fact that a PS4 game could, in theory, look much better. That’s what I wanted to focus on but didn’t do that good a job of it. Lesson learned for the next time, I suppose. Still, gives me something to dig into deeper in the future when we get comparisons of multi-platform next-gen games.


  2. Here’s the thing that means I’m not buying either of them–no games. Their launch lineups look pathetic to me. Something I’ve started calling PS Vita syndrome.


  3. Spec wise you could go back and forth for hours on who is better. It really boils down to how well the consoles utilize their own power and how well developers can push the consoles. I’m a fan of the Xbox One but doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t get a PS4. Not trying to fuel the fire but one aspect of utilizing potential is with the PS4. They boast about the 8GB of GDR ram which is faster than Xbox’s 8GB of DDR ram, however the PS4’s operating system supposedly occupies 4GB of that space. In the end they both balance out with strengths and weaknesses. Both of which have a horrible launch line up.


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