Sony Officially Unveils Its PS4 Virtual Reality Headset, Project Morpheus

sony-ps4-project-morpheusSony kicked of the 2014 edition of the Game Developers Conference by revealing the current worst kept secret in gaming. Shu Yoshida used the company’s innovation-themed GDC keynote to officially unveil Project Morpheus, Sony’s virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4.

The Project Morpheus headset looks like your standard VR headset but has come a ways since its early prototypes. Yoshida said that at one point of time, Project Morpheus included a PlayStation Move duct taped to the headset.

Currently, Sony says that the Project Morpheus headset has a 1080p LCD display, 360-motion tracking through the PlayStation Camera and motion control via PlayStation Move support. The VR headset currently requires a wired connection through USB and HDMI. The plan is to go wireless in the future but Project Morpheus has a five-metre connection cable for the moment.

The folks at Sony Computer Entertainment will have a couple of demos for Project Morpheus on hand at GDC for people to try out. Sony London has an underwater tech demo called The Deep. There are also VR versions of Thief and EVE Valkyrie available to try out.

There’s no word yet on the release date for the Project Morpheus headset but Sony says that developer kit versions will be in the hands of developers soon.

It’s interesting to see that virtual reality headsets, which were a tech/gaming fad in the early 90s, are making a comeback in the 20-teens with gaming now achieving properly photorealistic visuals. Immersing yourself in the surroundings as much as possible with current technology is the next logical step for gaming.

The real challenge will be getting these headsets out to the masses for a reasonable price. If they can hit that $100 sweet spot that the Kinect hit, I think they can move more than a few units. Speaking on the Kinect, this thing has to work. A lot of people will sour on Project Morpheus’s potential if it’s a $100 beta test that barely works.

Sources: IGN, The Verge

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