Valve Makes Another Change to the Steam Controller

steam-controller-headerThe Steam Controller has been in a state of seemingly constant evolution since it was first unveiled in September 2013. It’s gone from two touchpads and a touchscreen to something resembling a PlayStation controller with touchpads. Now, Valve is believed to have made another change that brings it a little closer to the status quo. Now, the left touchpad will have a directional guide that makes it look a lot closer to the classic D-pad.

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Formula E Punta del Este ePrix: Survive, If You Can

formula-e-2014-punta-del-este-buemi-victoryThe following post was originally written for The Lowdown and is geared towards a motorsport audience. Most of the analysis is written for that audience rather than a tech crowd so it may not necessarily be for you. That being said, an all-electric motorsports world championship is kind of a big deal so we’re continuing our coverage of Formula E.

Say what you will about all-electric racing technology that’s been rushed to the race track, spec cars, one-day race weekends and cramped little street circuits, Formula E knows how to put on a show. Once again, Formula E showed that you don’t need 700 horsepower to put on a show. All you need is low downforce and drivers willing to fight for position.

In a race that saw the safety car make its way onto the circuit four times for various incidents, it was Sebastian Buemi who survived the crashes and mechanical troubles that plagued the field to win his first Formula E race.

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Steam Pulls and Restores Controversial Game Hatred from Greenlight

hatred-game-headerThe controversial isometric shooter about a serial killer, Hatred, made it to Steam Greenlight but it didn’t last long there. After only a few hours on Greenlight, Hatred had ascended to #7 on the Steam Greenlight chart but that was as high as it would go. Valve quickly removed the game from Greenlight and indicated that Hatred would not be making its game onto Steam.

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Comic Book Pull List for December 17, 2014

dredd-uprise-2Since I love doing themes in each week’s comic book pull list, let’s do another one this week. For this week’s comic book pull list, I have four recommendations from the world of comic spinoffs for TV shows and movies.

From the TV world, Bob’s Burgers wraps up its five-issue miniseries that I didn’t see advertised as a miniseries until this week in Bob’s Burgers #5. Smallville starts its own new miniseries in Smallville Season 11: Continuity #1. The rebooted Star Trek comic continues its adventures with Q. This time, Kirk and Sisko join forces to hold off the Dominion while Spock deals with Gul Ducat in Star Trek #39. You know, I always loved DS9. The best episodes of the Dominion War era were among the best Star Trek ever put on TV. And let’s close out with Dredd: Uprise #2, the second issue of the two-part miniseries based on the movie.

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Windows 10 to Include Xbox App and Cortana Integration

windows-10-platform-headerIn the gaming sector, Microsoft is often criticized for seemingly being opposed to cross-platform play opportunities. For those outside the gaming space, Microsoft isn’t open to Xbox console gamers playing with those on the likes of PC and PlayStation at the same time. A leak from a technical preview of Windows 10 shows that Microsoft might be willing to integrate a little more cross-platform functionality.

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Game of Thrones – Episode One Review: Valar Morghulis

game-of-thrones-episode-one-headerIf ever there was a marriage of licensed property and game developer that made sense, it’s Telltale Games and Game of Thrones. With The Walking Dead series, Telltale showed that it could do series with dark themes, tough decisions and no-win scenarios. After some previous lacklustre GoT games, George R. R. Martin gave the okay for Telltale to have a go and assigned his personal assistant as a story consultant so you know this isn’t going to be a quick cash-in on the license.

Game of Thrones is the fourth series we’ve seen from Telltale this year and concerns about the possibility of the team being spread thin are unfounded. Episode One of GoT could be the best debut episode that Telltale has ever done and fits in perfectly with the rest of the world of Westeros.

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Game Trailers Roundup: December 15, 2014

After getting spoiled by all those trailers from The Game Awards in last week’s Game Trailers Roundup, we’re down a bit on the number of trailers in this week’s roundup. Still, we have seven trailers for you to watch today.

The latest from Mojang, the mobile card game Scrolls, is the big release of the week. It doesn’t lead us off. That spot goes to indie darling The Talos Principle which launched last week. We also have trailers for upcoming console games Persona 5 and #IDARB among other game trailers for you to watch.

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DC Comics Takes Us to the Movies with March Variant Covers

Sometimes, being owned by a massive conglomerate does allow you to have a little fun. While Warner Bros. often doesn’t seem to know what they want to do with DC Comics, DC is having a little bit fun with the Warner Bros. properties that they’re related to.

For the month of March, 22 DC Comics series will have variant covers based on classic Warner Bros. movies. We have them in a handy comparative slideshow.

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Geek Links of the Week

We haven’t done the Geek Links since October but this will still be the 90th edition of the Geek Links in two years on the blog. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Big web news: Nick Denton has stepped down as boss of Gawker Media and has installed a seven member managing board in his place. [Capital New York]

Apple can’t leave well enough alone. 2013 indie hit Papers, Please was censored by Apple before it could be released in the App Store. Apparently, allowing a nudity option on a game rated for ages 17+ doesn’t fly with Apple. [Niche Gamer]

Nerd Cubed does an FJM-style takedown of a terrible Polygon column about GTA5 that was piggybacking on Target and K-Mart Australia pulling it from shelves. Okay, FJM-style isn’t really a thing outside of sports humour circles but I love using that term any time I can. [Nerd Cubed]

A writer recounts his experience of playing games with his son. It’s not just any old pop a disc in a PS4 or Wii U, though. They’re going from the dawn of gaming through to modern times. That’s an experience that every kid should have but I’m biased since I started gaming on an NES en route to where we are today. [Medium]

Disney is planning to ramp up the presence of Star Wars in their parks. Unfortunately, they’ll be based on the new Disney-produced movies and not the original six of Lucas and 20th Century Fox. [Variety]

Basketball Pro Management 2015 Review: Brick

basketball-pro-management-2015-headerWhile I did a lot of sports gaming in my teenage years (who didn’t?), one sports I’ve never really been into is basketball games. That’s not to say that I haven’t watched basketball. I did see the Malice at the Palace on local TV. I know enough to have called a few basketball games (including a provincial championship) for radio in university. Most importantly, basketball was by a Canadian so it’s really in my blood.  So it’s not like I don’t understand basketball.

That preamble doesn’t mean that I understand this basketball video game. Unlike the NBA Lives and NBA 2Ks that I’ve played in the past, Basketball Pro Management 2015 doesn’t put you on the court. Similar to the Football Manager series, Basketball Pro Management takes you off the court and onto the sideline and in the front office of a basketball franchise. I’ve played games close to BPM15 and enjoyed them but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

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