eSports Weekend Calendar: April 24 – 26, 2015

It’s a really busy weekend in the world of eSports. There are tournaments and leagues that are taking place and wrapping up all over the world. You name it and there’s a tournament this weekend. I think this might actually be the biggest weekend calendar that we’ve ever done.

Let’s go through the Cole’s Notes version of the calendar. DreamHack Bucharest has the Dota 2 StarSeries XII playoffs, PGL’s CS:GO Championship Series final four and tournaments for Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. We have the LPL spring finals this weekend. Round 2 of the 2015 SC2 Proleague sees CJ Entus and Jin Air Green Wings do battle in the final. And Heroes of the Dorm wraps up Sunday night on ESPN3 and ESPN2. Yes, Blizzard got their first major Heroes of the Storm tournament on US cable television which is actually a massive deal.

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Game of Thrones: The House of Black and White Review

game-of-thrones-house-of-black-and-white-headerI was a little surprised last week when most of the people I know weren’t so high on the season premiere. I don’t know what there was to not like last week but not much changed this week. Sure, death got a big return this week after a week off in The Wars to Come but sex and violence isn’t the be all and end all of TV.

Much like last week, we got a look at many of the characters around Westeros. Unlike last week which saw some loose threads tied up, a whole host of new stories were kicked off this week.

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Game Trailers Roundup for April 21, 2015

A day late but certainly not a trailer short, it’s time for this week’s roundup of the noteworthy video game trailers for the week.

This week, I’ve rounded up ten trailers for you to watch. There are your little indie releases. Blizzard has a couple of release trailers for Hearthstone on phones and Heroes of the Storm’s open beta and full release. Oh, and there’s a trailer for a little game called Star Wars: Battlefront.

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The New Batman v Superman Trailer Looks Like Anything but a Lawsuit

While I can question the thinking at Warner Bros over not doing a Man of Steel sequel before doing a Justice League movie, naming this movie in the same style as a legal proceeding and seemingly borrowing from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, the fact of the matter is that this is the hand that DC Comics and Superman fans are being dealt.

In the neverending quest to beat Marvel at the box office, DC Comics had their new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked early, just like Avengers: Age of Ultron. We have the officially released trailer and analysis after the jump.

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Star Wars Marks Eight Months to The Force Awakens with a New Trailer

I’ve never heard of Star Wars Celebration but it’s a semi-regular convention and fan event held by LucasFilm with the first three Celebrations coinciding with the release of the prequel movies. Naturally, they held one ahead of this December’s release of Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

The highlight of this year’s Star Wars Celebration was the release of the second trailer for The Force Awakens.

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How to Plan a Game of Thrones Wedding (Infographic)

I don’t remember if I mentioned this but an acquaintance of mine had a plan for her wedding last year. She said she was going to have the Rains of Castamere as she and her new husband walked out of the wedding. I then informed her that if she pulled that stunt, I would dive out a window.

Anyway, you can have a great Game of Thrones themed wedding without murdering at least three guests. After all, people do theme weddings already so why not use the best show on TV as your guide. Fortunately, we have a handy infographic to help you plan that GoT-themed wedding.

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eSports Weekend Calendar: April 17 – 19, 2015

Hello eSports Weekend Calendar. How we missed you.

This weekend in the world of eSports, there are big games for people interested in League of Legends and CS:GO. ESEA League S18 comes to a close this weekend with a $100,000 prize pool on the line. Meanwhile, both EU and NA LCS seasons will come to an end with spring finals this weekend. If you’re looking for Dota 2 or StarCraft action, there is some but they’re in the qualifiers and group stages of their events so there’s a ways to go before money is handed out.

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Formula E Long Beach ePrix: Like Father, Like Son

formula-e-2015-long-beach-piquet-podiumThe following post was originally written for The Lowdown and is geared towards a motorsport audience. Most of the analysis is written for that audience rather than a tech crowd so it may not necessarily be for you. That being said, an all-electric motorsports world championship is kind of a big deal so we’re continuing our coverage of Formula E.

There are a lot of stories that you can write about Formula E drivers without having seen them actually turn a wheel in anger. You can talk about the redemption of former F1 drivers like Lucas di Grassi and Sebastian Buemi. There’s the retirement tour aspect with elder statesmen Nick Heidfeld, Jarno Trulli and Stephane Sarrazin in the field. And there’s the family legacy stories with Nicolas Prost, Bruno Senna and Nelson Piquet Jr. running Formula E.

It’s the latter of which who starred in Long Beach for the first electric race on the famous street course. Thirty-five years ago, Nelson Piquet won his first Formula One Grand Prix at Long Beach. This weekend, Nelson Piquet Jr. won his first Formula E ePrix by dominating the race at Long Beach.

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Formula E Miami ePrix: The Heat of the Urban Jungle

formula-e-2015-miami-prostThe following post was originally written for The Lowdown and is geared towards a motorsport audience. Most of the analysis is written for that audience rather than a tech crowd so it may not necessarily be for you. That being said, an all-electric motorsports world championship is kind of a big deal so we’re continuing our coverage of Formula E.

After two months off, the most electrifying electric motorsports series in the world was back in action last weekend. Following the two-round stint in South America, it was the first of two rounds in the United States of America as the teams took to the streets of Miami for the fifth round of the championship. While there was some hot weather, the hot action was left to late in the day when Nicolas Prost made a pass in the dying laps to score his first Formula E win.

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Comic Book Pull List for April 15, 2015

convergence-2So I haven’t been to my local comic book store since late February so I’m a little behind on my file. And since I haven’t done the pull list for a month, I’m well behind on DC’s new universe spanning series Convergence. Near as I can piece together, Brainiac is bringing the DC multiverse together on one planet but it’s going beyond the New 52 reboot and opening up everything DC to come back.

In addition to Convergence #2, DC has the first issue of two-issue Convergence miniseries for Aquaman, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern: Parallax, Justice League International, Suicide Squad, Superboy, Supergirl: Matrix and Superman: The Man of Steel.

The other big highlight of the week sees Dark Horse send Archie and friends on Spring Break in Costa Rica. Little do they know that they’re being hunted in ARCHIE VS PREDATOR #1! Sorry, got a little excited there.

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