Comic Book Pull List for February 10, 2016

injustice-year-five-3Ahead of this week’s comic book pull list, I’d like to call attention to the numerous video game offerings in the comic world. This week, there are four video game comics for you to read.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is in what appears to be the final “year” of its run. The Injustice comic has been running since 2013 and this week is the 111th issue in its run. Assassin’s Creed is wrapping up a five issue arc about a new assassin character. Meanwhile, Street Fighter and Deus Ex both have miniseries that act as preludes for their upcoming installments later this year. It kind of makes me wonder when Telltale’s The Walking Dead gets a comic adaptation to bring it full circle.

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The Division Dev Says PC Version “Kept In Check” with Consoles, Ubisoft Denies

the-division-headerWhen you’re a PC gamer, you’re used to terrible ports. I’m on AMD hardware so I get it worse than most. Considering that it’s easier to optimize the game for consoles and, anecdotally, there are more people whose primary gaming platform is a console, it makes sense to prioritize them when launching a game. Not everyone is Rockstar who spent two years perfecting their GTA V PC port.

It’s seldom that companies are up front with information that might make gamers concerned about a PC version of a game so no wonder why Ubisoft sprang into action to backtrack. A developer on Tom Clancy’s The Division told YouTube’s Team Epiphany that Ubisoft Massive had to “keep [The Division] in check with consoles.” Ubisoft quickly fired back with a statement saying “this is simply not true.”

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Sony Teases Crash Bandicoot Again

crash-bandicoot-returns-fan-bannerIt’s not a year at Sony Computer Entertainment if they aren’t teasing the return of one of their most iconic characters. PlayStation’s Middle East Twitter account added fuel to the never-ending fire that Crash Bandicoot is coming back to PlayStation soon.

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Game Trailers Roundup for February 8, 2016

Do we have a busy edition of the game trailers roundup for you this week. There are twelve trailers for you to watch (or skip) this week.

Most of the trailers are from the big triple-A companies. We have the launch trailer for XCOM 2 along with various announcements and reveals for the likes of Doom, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Hitman and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We also saw an announcement for The Culling which looks like Battle Royale. I’m actually surprised that hasn’t been done sooner.

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Ant Simulator Cancelled After Team Spends Money on Strippers and Booze

ant-simulator-headerDon’t click away. You haven’t actually landed on The Onion. This is a real story. At least, Eric Tereshinski, former lead developer of Ant Simulator, claims this is a true story.

Tereshinski resigned from ETeeski LLC, the developers of the Kickstarter-funded game Ant Simulator, after finding out that two of his business partners took proceeds from the crowdfunding and investments into the game and spent it on “liquor, restaurants, bars and even strippers.”

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Geek Links of the Week

Scientists at UCLA now believe that the Earth is made up of two planets when another planet collided with the Earth some 4.5 billion years ago. [The Independent]

Twitch superstar Bob Ross created an estimated 30,000 paintings during his life. What happened to all of them? [Mental Floss]

Here’s something I should have done ages ago: Uninstalling the Facebook app from your Android phone saves around 20% of battery and processing power. [The Guardian]

Google is adding a new feature to its Safe Browsing tech to prevent you from clicking fake download links and play buttons. [Torrent Freak]

This search engine lets you search Simpsons screencaps, including by quote. Sadly, “pi is exactly 3” did not return any results when I tried despite the front page image being that exact scene. [Frinkiac]

eSports Weekend Calendar: February 5 – 7, 2016

I’m not sure I could have picked a worse week to get back into the eSports weekend calendar. LPL is taking a short break so it’s a light schedule on the League of Legends front. Dota 2 is mostly qualifiers and small regional events. SC2 is all qualifiers. At least CS:GO and Hearthstone have a couple of big tournaments this weekend.

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Doctor Who Leaves US Netflix, BBC Likely to Launch Streaming Service

doctor-who-thirteen-doctors-headerIf you woke up on Monday and noticed something missing from your Netflix queue, you’re probably not alone. On February 1st, Doctor Who left Netflix in the US and rumours suggest that the BBC will soon be announcing their own streaming service which will see Doctor Who as one of its featured exclusives.

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Movie Trailers Roundup for February 3, 2016

After a week off, the Movie Trailers Roundup is back. We have seven trailers this week and it’s a split between kids/family movies and horror movies. It’s a rather unusual contrast but seeing as family movies are more traumatizing than horror flicks, it’s oddly appropriate too.

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GOG Introduces “Games in Development” Early Access Program

gog-games-in-development-headerEver since Mojang used alpha funding to complete the development of Minecraft and turn into a multi-billion dollar company, the alpha funding business model has been a popular way for indie developers to do business. After Minecraft did it, we saw the rise of Early Access on Steam and Game Preview that launched on Xbox last year.

Now, the other big name in digital PC retail is launching their own version of alpha funding / Early Access. GOG announced that they were launching Games In Development to bring pre-release games to its customers.

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