Game Trailers Roundup for September 29, 2014

Once again, we have quite a few trailers for you this week. A pair of those are launch trailers. Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor has been getting near universal praise from critics and comes out tomorrow. Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes is our other launch trailer and that’s already been out for a few hours now.

There are a few trailers for other upcoming games. Metal Gear Solid V, CoD: Advanced Warfare, WWE 2K15 and The Witcher 3 all have new trailers. Perhaps most exciting is the announcement of United Front Games’ new game, Triad Wars. After Sleeping Dogs, I was looking forward to the next kung fu action game from Vancouver’s UFG.

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Sony Closing PlayStation Home

playstation-home-headerSony’s take on a virtual world experience for PlayStation 3 users is finally coming to an end. After launching PlayStation Home in 2008 and spending the last six years trying to get people onboard, Sony has scheduled PlayStation Home to condemnation on March 31st, 2015.

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Doctor Who: The Caretaker Review

doctor-who-the-caretaker-headerOne thing that tends to happen when you tag along with The Doctor on the TARDIS is that you leave your real-life behind for a few months or years. That’s not the case if you’re Clara Oswald. Though she’s done many, many things while a travelling companion on the TARDIS, the one thing she hasn’t done is pack her things and move in.

This week, we finally gotten some semblance of payoff to Clara’s dueling lives as The Doctor becomes The Caretaker (who likes to be called The Doctor) at Clara’s school. Now she has to juggle maintaining her sanity while her personal life and time traveler life collide.

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Geek Links of the Week

Did you hear about how 4chan members wanted leak Emma Watson nude pictures for speaking at a gender equality conference? Well, it wasn’t 4Chan as was widely reported and going largely uncorrected. A viral marketing company pulled the stunt to get 4chan shut down. It’s not often that 4chan can be portrayed as a sympathetic entity but these guys have pulled it off. [ABC]

YouTube star Sam Pepper is facing sexual harassment complaints after “prank” of his involved grabbing women’s posteriors. He says there was a message to the “prank.” Here’s a message: Don’t grope women! [The Independent]

Many media websites are using the same principles in their visual redesigns. Why is that? [Mashable]

Andrew Spearin of Insurgency fame talks about the big impact that the update to the Steam store has already had on his game. [Medium]

A lawyer looked at Riot’s LCS contracts that players are required to sign to see if it’s fair to the players. [Daily Dot]

The iPhone 6 Plus Has a Bending Problem

iphone-6-plus-bendingEarlier this week, I told you not to microwave your iPhone 6. Today, I’m going to have to tell you not to put your iPhone 6 Plus in your pockets. This has nothing to do with any hoax ad. It turns out that there are multiple reports of iPhone 6 Pluses bending under sustained pressure while in someone’s pocket.

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MLG Building eSports Arena in Columbus

mlg-tv-columbus-arena-bannerMajor League Gaming is going to add a third major production facility to its portfolio of studios. With a studio and headquarters in New York City and the recently announced MLG Gaming Arena in China, MLG is going to add to its footprint by constructing a new flagship venue in Columbus, Ohio, called the Columbus Arena.

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eSports Weekend Calendar: September 26 – 28, 2014

If you’re a MOBA fan, you have your choice of action from the big two this weekend. Star Series action is happening all weekend in Dota 2 while the League of Legends World Championships continues with Group C and D action.

Two more eSports are in action at DreamHack Stockholm this weekend. StarCraft II has another mega 96-player tournament with a trip to the $75,000 DreamHack Winter tournament and the even more valuable WCS Points on the line as we run up on BlizzCon and the World Championship Series finals. Also at DreamHack (and making its first appearance on the eSports Weekend Calendar) is an eight-team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive invitational tournament with $10,000 on the line for the champions.

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Blizzard Cancels Next-Gen Project Titan MMO

blizzard-bannerIs the MMO as we know it dead? After seven years in development and having never been officially announced or unveiled by the company, Blizzard revealed that they have cancelled Project Titan, the next-generation MMO that was to succeed World of Warcraft.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review: Cold Case

murdered-soul-suspect-headerWhen there’s a game that I’m interested in reviewing, I reach out to the public relations officers at the publisher of the game (or their contracted PR firm) to see if I can get a copy for review. More often than not, I don’t get a copy of the game. Usually, I can wait for a sale and pick up a copy to play it through but usually that’s not for several months that it gets down to a price within my budget.

In the case of Murdered: Soul Suspect, I was figuring that Steam’s Holiday or a spring sale would bring it down to a price where I would buy it. Then I got it for $15 from the Humble Store in early August. Two months after the game was released, I’m already getting it for some 70% off. While I know it was a big enough flop to force developer Airtight Games out of business, it couldn’t be that bad, could it?

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Join et geekera on Steam

With all the changes to Steam and the addition of the new curation and discovery options, I thought that now was a good time to launch our own group on Steam. With almost 3,000 fans of the blog between WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, I thought that we can start doing some community things like gaming together and other events beyond that.

You can find the official et geekera Steam group at

We also have our own Steam Curator list that you can follow.


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