BioShock Infinite Barbershop Quartet Cosplayers Sing “God Only Knows”

There’s cosplaying and then there’s cosplaying. While you’re used to seeing people dressed up in elaborate costumes as the stars of video games, sometimes, it’s the people playing smaller parts that do it absolutely perfectly.

Take, for example, this foursome from Playground Zero Presents who not only dressed as BioShock Infinite’s barbershop quartet but also sang God Only Knows. I’d say that these guys were probably the best cosplayers at PAX East.

Sony Sells Its Square Enix Shares

Sony make.believe logo - whiteThe collaboration that brought us some of the greatest video games of all-time has officially come to an end. In need of cash and apparently no longer seeing any tangible benefit to the arrangement, Sony has sold off its 9.5 million shares of Japanese game publisher Square Enix for a reported $150 million.

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The Last of Us Art Director, Nate Wells, Leaves Naughty Dog

the-last-of-us-remastered-headerIf you’re a fan of Naughty Dog, whose last-gen efforts included the Uncharted trilogy and 2013 game of the year The Lastof Us, you have to be wondering what is going on in Santa Monica. The studio suffered its third high-profile departure in two months as Nate Wells has left Naughty Dog for Giant Sparrow.

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Comic Book Pull List for April 23, 2014

secret-origins-1I’ve got lots of interesting looking comics to go over at the top of this week’s pull list so let’s get right to the previews.

Marvel is setting up their big summer story with Original Sin #0. They’re also continuing to reboot old heroes and villans into their own series. This week, it’s Elektra #1 and hopefully it’s not so bad that Daredevil and Elektra are erased from Marvel history like they did after the movies.

Over at DC, they launch a new series about the origin stories of heroes in their New 52 universe with Secret Origins #1. And the delay of Forever Evil #7 and the publishing schedule over at DC is starting to screw things up. This week, they debut a new post-Forever Evil series before Forever Evil ends. Spoilers? Anyway, it’s a new Justice League series that includes some Canadian superheroes which means it’s a must-buy. It’s Justice League United #0.

Meanwhile, the mid-sized publishers also have some interesting comic this week too. This week’s The Walking Dead #126 from Image Comics promises to change everything. If it means that it’ll make the TV show worth watching again, I’m all for it. With Jack Bauer about to resume saving America, we find out what he’s been up to between seasons/series of 24 in 24 #1.

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King Resolves Trademark Dispute with The Banner Saga and CandySwipe Devs

candy-crush-saga-money-headerThe ridiculous King Candy and Saga Trademark Saga appears to have come to an end. Very quietly, Stoic, the developer of indie RPG The Banner Saga, and Albert Ransom, developer of puzzle mobile game CandySwipe, have announced that they have come to agreements with King over their trademark challenges over the use of the words Saga and Candy.

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Game of Thrones: The Breaker of Chains Review

game-of-thrones-all-men-must-die-headerAfter everything changed (again) in last week’s episode, this week’s episode of Game of Thrones was a bit more of the standard fare as we bounced from story to story. However, unless you were in the North or across the Narrow Sea, you were still talking about last week’s events. Even the internet was talking about it for the last week and the Seven Kingdoms aren’t even wired in.

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Geek Links of the Week

I realized something yesterday (and already mentioned on the hastily moved up Thursday of Thrones post). Tomorrow is a holiday. While my other blog, The Lowdown Blog, runs everyday and I’m working at my day job tomorrow, it’s nice to be able to take some time off to relax a little bit on a holiday weekend. So enjoy yours. Watch some TV, play some games and we’ll see you back here next week.

It’s funny what a few dollars can buy you. Netflix has seen Comcast download speeds move up six spots on its rankings in the month since they paid them for a better connection. [Quartz]

Google has developed an algorithm to solve their own CAPTCHAs. While this could be trouble for the future of web security because bots will soon be able to do this, at least it means that I won’t have to fail at CAPTCHAs for much longer. I really hate/suck at CAPTCHAs. [Verge]

Ars Technica has done some serious statistical work on Steam games and their owners. For example, did you know that 36.9% of all Steam games owned have never been played? Did you know that I’m most of that problem? [Ars Technica]

Despite the release of Titanfall in March, VGChartz says that the PS4 grew its units sold gap over the Xbox One. Microsoft really needs to get some Halo games out the door. [VGChartz]

The Last of Us was an impressive game and it might be even more so considering that Ellie’s AI was scrapped and rebuilt just five months before release. [KotakUK]

There’s Even an Honest Trailer for Game of Thrones

Since I’m taking tomorrow off as a holiday (and I could really use a couple of days to not think about blogging and just recharge), I’m moving the usual Friday Game of Thrones post up to Thursday. I guess that makes today Thursday of Thrones.

This week, it’s an honest trailer for Game of Thrones that’s filled with spoilers. It also does a good job of pointing out how terrible of an idea it is to be Sean Bean or know Sean Bean in any fictional work. It does work out surprisingly badly.

Is a New 2D Prince of Persia Game in Development

prince-of-persia-2008-headerReports out of France say that the Prince of Persia franchise isn’t dead. In fact, it may just be turning back time to make a comeback. Rumours suggest that Ubisoft’s planned next game in the PoP franchise will see a 2D release in the same engine as the critically acclaimed Rayman Legends.

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Halo & Destiny Composer, Marty O’Donnell, Fired by Bungie

marty-odonnell-bungie-headerThe man behind the Halo theme, the original trilogy’s soundtrack and the director of voice acting and sound design for the Halo franchise has been fired by Bungie. Marty O’Donnell took to Twitter to announced that he had been dismissed by Bungie’s board of directors in a move that he says was without cause.

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