Toybox Turbos Review: Outside the Box

toybox-turbos-headerAnyone that follows my writing over on etg. sister site The Lowdown Blog knows that I’m a racing fanatic. Two wheels, four wheels, even more wheels (European truck racing is surprisingly awesome), road courses, ovals, dirt, I can settle down and watch anything. So naturally, I had a lot of toy cars growing up and had a lot of toy car races.

This brings me to Toybox Turbos. While many people liken the game to a modernized callback to Codemasters’ Micro Machines, their first iconic racing game, I thought of Toybox Turbos to be just like the toy car races on the floor at home. But does a childhood call back, whether it’s to a video game or little plastic or die-cast cars, make a great game.

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Comic Book Pull List for November 26, 2014

steampunk-battlestar-galactica-1880-4You know, I haven’t been to my local comic book shop in about six weeks, I probably have a rather painful bill waiting for me when I pick up my file this week. I really should set a reminder on my phone to pick up my file every third or fourth week of the month. I know that you probably aren’t too worried about my comic buying habits but every little bit I can help you guys, I will.

Anyway, I have a few interesting selections from this week’s pull list but I’ve kept away from the big two. Let’s start with a couple of very odd takes on franchises. IDW has a mashup of Angry Birds and Transformers that might just be out of Michael Bay’s dreams in Angry Birds Transformers #1. If steampunk and sci-fi are your thing, you’ll probably want to pick up the finale of Dynamite’s miniseries with Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 #4. And for fans of the new Planet of the Apes movies, Boom bridges the two reboot films starting with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #1.

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Steam Updates Early Access Rules for Developers

steam-early-accessIt’s going to be a Valve news sort of week around here. I think that’s completely understandable with the Steam Fall Sale kicking off tomorrow. And today’s bit of news might be important to you when you see an Early Access game get a big featured discount.

Last week, Valve sent notice to developers that they’ve updated the policies and guidelines for Early Access games on the Steam Store. It’s unlikely to affect the current crop of Early Access games but might impact what you see launching in the future.

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Game Trailers Roundup for November 25, 2014

I slightly forgot about this post yesterday. I was scrambling until the last minute to write the Haven review yesterday and had to sacrifice this post in order to get a little sleep. It turns out I could have passed on that because my local city road works crew didn’t plow the roads so they were ever so slightly flooded because of rain and slush.

Anyway, we have nine trailers for you to watch today. On top of the list is a teaser for Telltale’s upcoming Game of Thrones and I’m not just doing that in hopes of getting review copy of both that and Tales from the Borderlands. In the recently released games ranks, there are trailers for LittleBigPlanet 3 and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. And there are some pretty cool trailers for EVE and Goat Simulator.

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Hold on to Your Wallets! The Steam Fall Sale Starts November 26

steam-sale-wallpaperWith American Thanksgiving coming up this week, you knew that it wasn’t a matter of if there would be a big Steam sale this week but when it would be. An email from PayPal has revealed that this year’s Steam Fall Sale will start on Wednesday, November 26th at 1:00 PM EST.

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Haven: Reflections Review

haven-season-5-bannerAfter ten weeks of two-part episodes, the gods (or whatever the supreme being equivalents are in Haven which is something they’ve never really gotten too far into) of Haven have graced us with a “one-part” episode that, while part of the overall story arc of the season, wraps itself up in one lovely self-contained sixty-minute portion. Trust me, Reflections is a lot better because of it.

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Comic Book Pull List for November 19, 2014

batman-66-meets-the-green-hornet-6This week’s pull list is unexpectedly thin outside of the Big Two. Not that a relative shortage of new releases is a bad thing. It quite helps my wallet since there isn’t quite as much for me to be tempted to pick up at my local comic book shop.

DC Comics has a couple of Batman ’66 comics for us this week. The Batman and Green Hornet crossover comic (not to be confused with their TV crossover) comes to an end with Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet #6. If that’s not enough Batman ’66 for you, a lost episode of the TV series that was supposed to introduce Two-Face gets the comic treatment in Batman ’66: The Lost Episode #1. Meanwhile, over at Marvel, Spider-Woman #1 debuts this week. You might have heard about this comic already because of the controversial Milo Manara variant cover.

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EA Pulls Dragon Age: Inquisition from India Before Launch

dragon-age-inquisition-wallpaperAbout six months ago, Electronic Arts was caught in a controversy over homosexual characters in The Sims 4 which saw the game get an adults only rating in Russia.

This week, EA is having another fight with regulators over the content of its games. One day ahead of the launch of Dragon Age: Inquisition, EA was forced to cancel the release of the DA:I in India because the game would have violated Indian laws because of the inclusion of a prominent homosexual character.

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Jim Sterling Takes His Act on the Road with Patreon-Funded Site

jimquisition-logoJim Sterling, The Escapist’s former reviews editor, host of The Jimquisition, and frequent collaborator with Yahtzee Croshaw, is setting out on a new project that just might change the face of video games journalism.

Unhappy with the current state of how advertising and revenue models are affecting content on gaming news sites, Sterling is striking out on his own with his own Patreon-funded website,

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Game Trailers Roundup for November 17, 2014

I thought that October was called Broketober for a reason. Did anyone who used that nickname this year even look at this month’s release schedule. Two Assassin’s Creeds, Halo: Master Chief Collection and WoW: Warlords of Draenor all in one week and Dragon Age: Inquisition, Far Cry 4 and next-gen GTA5 the next week. You’re more likely to go broke this month than last.

So in this week’s trailers roundup, along with this week’s three aforementioned releases, there are trailers for indie darlings This War of Mine, Never Alone, Killing Floor 2 and Tales from the Borderlands. We have a little Nintendo content with Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby and Mario Kart 8’s Rainbow Road DLC. And we also have the launch trailer for Escape Dead Island from self-described small publisher Deep Silver.

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